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Inside sales consulting

Inside Sales Consulting

Inside sales is a unique sales methodology that can do wonders for your sales campaign ROI. With an effective inside sales team set up and trained by professionals, you can significantly enhance your lead generation and sales function.

However, there are many ways to go wrong with your first inside sales setup, which is why we highly recommend engaging a seasoned inside sales consulting team for this part. With an experienced inside sales consulting service at your disposal, you can excel at optimizing your sales function ROI, reach more qualified leads, and sell more.

What is inside sales strategy?

If you are not sure what inside sales is or how it works, here’s the answer: Inside sales is a sales operations methodology in which the sales team does not travel to meet potential leads in person and instead sells remotely using various technological media, including phone, online chat, messengers, and email.

Before you think that sounds like telemarketing, let us tell you the two are quite different. Unlike telemarketing, inside sales teams are very well trained on product information and industry specific queries.

Having an inside sales setup means having your sales team do all the selling from their desks, which saves you a lot of travelling and other costs.

Inside Sales Consultancy

The TLM way of inside sales consulting

TLM is among the pioneers in professional inside sales consulting. Over the years, we have helped dozens of small and growing enterprises implement effective inside sales strategies and build robust sales teams trained on these strategies. Our inside sales consulting clients belong to various industries and are located in many countries around the world.

Our designated Inside Sales Consultant will first fully understand your organization, estimating its sales potential by studying the target markets. The consultant will then devise a comprehensive inside sales strategy and process that thoroughly address your specific business needs and put you on a path to unprecedented sales campaign ROI and process efficiency.

Our designed Inside Sales Consultants work with these 3 primary guidelines in mind:

Identify the right performance metrics and set practical goals

Create a streamlined process of discovering highly qualified leads and closing deals

Design and employ a customized onboarding and training plan for sales agents

Reasons to choose TLM inside sales consulting

Your sales teams are not generating enough qualified leads

Your on-field sales rep needs organized lead generation support

You are not sure how to build or optimize the productivity of your inside sales team

You need professional help to train your inside sales team on contact discovery and lead identification

You have realized cold calling is not the way forward anymore and you want to optimize results of your email marketing investment

You need professional help to show your team how to cleanse your contact lists

Your experience – like countless others – shows automated tools do not produce the email marketing results they promise