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Why TLM?

Why TLM?

Almost every other company promises qualified leads, but at The Lead Market, we live by our promise. One thing that sets us apart from the rest of the competition is that we give control to the customer. For instance, for what lead does the customer want to pay? It seems simple, but it allows us to add value to our customer’s business.

Why should you opt for The Lead Market? Well, here are a few reasons why you should definitely work with The Lead Market!

Experienced team at TLM

TLM brings the best of human and artificial intelligence to collect the data required to make a campaign successful. Our program allows us to scrape important information about prospects, and then our prospecting agents work on that data to ensure no important information is missed. It doesn't stop there; we write emails that work in the b2b industry. They are written to get maximum traction from the market. We put our team to work on every aspect, right from identifying the prospects to booking the meetings.

Engagement model

Our engagement model is simple: you pay a fixed base price and then pay for every qualified appointment we schedule. Investing in paid leads without getting any return is a disaster. Our leads are few, but they get into the sales pipeline, and some close real fast. Our understanding of your needs is what makes us the first choice for lead generation and appointment setting. All you need to do is explain what you consider qualified leads, and then see the magic happen yourself.

Intuitive Dashboard

We understand the importance of analytics in business, and hence we provide a dashboard for all the activities we perform for our clients. You get to see all the numbers that are important to understand your sales funnel. From day one, you are in control of the entire process of lead generation and appointment setting.

Multiple Campaigns

You are running a business, and we are sure that you would love to run multiple campaigns to bring maximum traction. With our base price, you get one campaign, and to add a new campaign, all you need to do is select that from the add-ons, and we can then start the new campaign. We love to give flexibility to our clients.

Email Scripts

You don't have to worry about the email messages that need to be sent out to the prospects; our team will take care of all the email scripts. Based on the information available on the website and the collateral that you might share with us, we will write a personalized email campaign that will work with the prospects. Our writing style has been approved by many businesses, and hence we are confident in the results that may come as a result of that.

Lead Nurturing

Every lead is important, and so is lead nurturing. If a lead is partially interested, then our agents make sure that they follow up with them to schedule a time. It is a tedious process where you need to chase the prospect and get the time on the calendar. Our agents run parallel follow-ups to ensure the lead is scheduled on the calendar.

Regular Checks

Not every email works with the prospects. We understand that and hence we regularly check all the templates every month and replace them with fresh content. We keep our emails short to make them readable. The emails are tested internally before they are sent out to the prospects. These checks help us bring more qualified leads.


If your business requires you to use other features like warm-up, LinkedIn messaging, we provide these features within the dashboard so that you can manage multiple tasks from our dashboard. We also encourage a self-serving model so that everything can be done without the engagement of any agents.

Learn through our explainer video, why TLM should be your lead generation & appointment setting partner


TLM focuses on providing exceptional B2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Campaign Designing, Inside Sales Consulting, List Cleansing, and Contact Discovery services to clients. Our team is highly trained with years of experience in the field to ensure high-end results for our clients. We have a set of principles and values that helps us to keep on track and value our customers. We include our clients in the process by delivering monthly and weekly reports to them. Our clients are a part of the process and their opinions matter to us. Contact us now to get our services for your business success. We’re 24/7 available for your assistance.