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B2B lead generation Service & Appointment Setting

TLM Inside Sales is a pioneer of modern B2B lead generation and pay per appointment lead generation services. With a team that brings over two decades worth of combined high-quality B2B lead generation services experience to the table, TLM has emerged as a leading name in innovative SaaS lead generation services and sales support that offers the perfect blend of technology and human prospecting resources.

What sets our B2B lead generation services apart

B2B lead generation


Complete prospecting solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of lead generation services, enabling you to get your entire prospecting done under one roof. You can also engage us for specialized individual services, including appointment setting, contact discovery, list cleansing, campaign design, and much more.

B2B lead generation


Focus on the human touch

Our campaigns are more successful because we make sure they are driven by more than just smart software. Our prospecting resources work collaboratively with specialized exclusions, lead identification, campaigning, and documents management resources to find you highly qualified leads.

process flow


Quality over quantity

When you engage us to generate leads, we do not simply scrape data from the Internet, make contact lists, and start cold calling, like many of our competitors. Instead, our list cleansing and lead identification resources find relevant contacts and prospecting executives connect with them using personalized email messages.

process flow


Pricing strategy

Hiring us for B2B lead generation, you only pay for the leads you are satisfied with after you have spoken with them. Using this pay as per satisfaction strategy, we make you the judge of whether any leads we generated for you were useful or not.

How it works

Our qualified MSP lead generation service works through a streamlined process that allows you to get results within days. As you contact us for your prospecting needs, we collect the information to design and launch your campaign and go to work.

The campaign is designed by seasoned market research and campaign design professionals who then help the operations division execute the campaign.

We build your prospects list and start sharing it with you from day one. We continue to update the list, and the prospecting team continues to get in touch with contacts and set up appointments for meetings and/or follow-up calls for product/program descriptions.

Thus, within days, you have a long list of qualified leads that want to discuss your offerings further.