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About Us

About Us

Your B2B lead generation consultant with a plan to amplify your sales functions’ efficiency

Welcome to TLM (The Lead Market), where you get comprehensive B2B lead generation services under one roof. We are fast growing as a premier solutions provider that enhances your sales team’s efficiency by generating qualified leads, cleansed lead lists, and more, and delivering them to your inbox.

In simpler words, we do the heavy lifting to generate high quality leads, and your in-house sales team takes it from there.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate sales professionals who have over a decade’s worth of combined B2B lead generation experience. Based in Nagpur, India, we are helping domestic and international SMEs connect with high quality leads across USA, India, Canada, and Australia.

We established TLM in 2016 to provide small and growing businesses with a dependable remedy for their lead generation woes. With the vision to deliver inclusive lead generation services with unflinching focus on quality rather than quantity, we now create superior quality leads for over 120 customer organizations in technology, engineering, shipping, staffing, compliance, consulting, SaaS, and other industries.

We enjoy bragging rights for generating leads 91% of which close within 90 days while the rest go into clients’ pipelines. We share our success with clients, who pay per lead we generate instead of the number of hours worked by our team.

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Vision TLM

Our Vision

To become the leading, trusted B2B lead generation & appointment setting agency for SMEs regardless of their industry in Asia, North America, and Australia.

Mission TLM

Our Mission

To generate qualified leads for SME clients in various industries across the world.

Values TLM

Our Values

Commitment, Integrity, Quality, Care, Transparency, Accountability, Ownership, Teamwork

Meet The Team

They say a team is only as effective as its leaders. At TLM, we take pride in having prodigious leadership from a group of professionals who are passionate about sales innovation. Our B2B lead generation service is driven by visionary leadership and a group of proficient managers leading TLM to a bright future.

Vivek Patil, Founder & CEO

Vivek Patil

Founder & CEO

Vivek is the mastermind behind TLM’s inside sales services strategy. He has an MBA and over 15+ years of experience in lead generation and sales support process development. He set up inside sales teams for various companies in the past before joining hands with Abhay and bringing his lifelong dream of creating his own business in sales to life by founding TLM.

Vivek is a diehard FC Barcelona fan and loves hosting family and friends to spend quality time with them over the weekend. Every now and then he goes out for a long drive away from the city noise.

Abhay Patil, Co-Founder & CFO

Abhay Patil

Co-Founder & CFO

Abhay has been in IT support for over 10+ years, working for Fortune 500 companies and learning from some of the best leaders in sales and IT. Ever an entrepreneurial soul, Abhay ventured into building end-to-end sales solutions and came across roadblocks that he realized a lot of people would benefit from if he could find a way to overcome these loopholes.

Thus, TLM was born. With Vivek bringing in inside sales expertise to the table, Abhay built a comprehensive vision for lead generation solutions aimed to assist small and growing businesses.

Abhay is always looking for innovative ventures to invest in. Over time, he has been a partner in several successful technology services startups, but he often refers to TLM as his favorite.

Bhupendra Rahangdale

Bhupendra Rahangdale

Sr. Team Lead

Bhupendra was the first person to join the team and live the dream at The Lead Market (TLM). He has seen TLM progress over the years and is eager to contribute more to our success story. He loves to meet with new interns and train them on how they can be successful. Having worked day shifts and night shifts, Bhupendra has seen it all, and his hunger to learn never stops.

Vanashri Kamble

Vanashri Kamble

Team Lead

Vanashri (aka Vanu) is a girl with super powers. She was also among the first few people to join TLM. Her dedication to improve processes is unparalleled. This was her first job, and she knew this is where she wanted to grow from day one. She has pledged her career to TLM and would like to continue to contribute to customer happiness and TLM deliverability.

Abhinav Misal

Abhinav Misal

Team Lead

Abhinav started at TLM as a market research executive and slowly moved up the ladder. He now handles campaigning for all accounts. His motto is simple: work hard, make the campaigning work for clients and party hard when we secure qualified leads. His ability to continually implement campaigns and flawlessly execute them is something clients and the TLM team can count on. He has pledged his life’s work to TLM and would like to continue to be a part of the success story.

Harshal Deshmukh

Harshal Deshmukh

Manager - CD & Operations

Harshal handles the most critical part of the company — contact discovery. He is the “data man” and enjoys playing with data both in and out of the office. His team is big, but he has no problem with that. He is very calm in nature, a unique personality trait to find in a lead generation and appointment setting agency. Instead of doing all the talking himself, he wants the work to talk for him.