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TLM | The Lead Market is the world’s growing inside sales firm focusing on lead generation and appointment setting services. We help companies getting a breakthrough in lead Generation & appointment setting for their services and products. Our mission & vision is to make sales a better function by introducing modern inside sales techniques. Our Founders have spent multiple years in the inside sales industry and have been successful in setting up the inside sales process for small to mid-size companies. Qualified leads is the only GOAL for TLM.

Headquartered in Nagpur (India), TLM gives you a blend of market research & inside sales expertise. Our secret sauce of success is the way we target the audience for you. This includes prospecting, campaigning, and lead qualification. We believe in doing creative campaigns which generate more qualified responses from target suspects. Our method of converting suspects to prospects is so robust that we do not beg anyone to come for a call, we rather make the suspect respond to our campaigns and then we pass those leads to you. Cold calling practice might not give you that chance of learning why the suspect is coming for a call or whether he agreed for it or not.

Leads can be of any nature. 93% of TLM leads have closed within 3 months and the remaining leads went into the sales pipeline of our clients. We do not wish to replace anyone but would like to work with your team/salesperson to get some qualified leads. We never promise any fancy number of leads per month rather we would focus on the quality of leads.

The Lead Market | About us


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Our outbound approach is something which encourages the right techniques of lead generation and appointment setting. Leads that we send across express interest with some qualified questions for your services and products, which justifies that the leads we send to you are of great quality.
No. We start the work as we get the required information for prospecting and campaigning and then we invoice you after the first month of engagement.
It depends on you. We can work with or without your database. All we need is information about what you want to sell.
Well, we don’t promise any specific number. Our goal is to act as an extended arm of your sales process and we take your closure target as our target. Our clients have successfully closed business in the first 3 months of engagement and some have closed business in the first month itself. We target the leads which can be of a shorter sales cycle.
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