Email Marketing Program for Warehousing &
Shipping Solutions Companies

TLM is working with warehousing & shipping companies & filling their sales pipeline with good quality leads. We have separate campaigns for warehousing and shipping. Hence we are showing you the campaign plan separately for each solution

Warehousing & Fulfillment Solution Leads

We assist warehousing and fulfillment companies in securing quality appointments through email marketing programs. Our services cover various aspects of fulfillment, including Pick and Pack, Business to Business Fulfillment, Business to Customer Fulfillment, Wholesale Pallet Distribution, Subscription-Based Fulfillment, International Shipping, Returns Processing .

Prospecting Plan

Our team of trained professionals specializes in extracting relevant data from companies involved in fulfillment. This data includes information about CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and operations personnel such as directors and managers. We also ensure that data related to fulfillment and warehousing is collected and stored in our database for future outreach.

Email Templates Plan

Our email campaigns are tailored to highlight specific services, emphasizing the cost-saving benefits of assembling, storing, and shipping products seamlessly. Whether your needs include High-Volume and Bulk Assembly , Quality Control and Inspections, Heat Shrink-wrapping and Bagging, Tagging and Labeling , SKU to Kit Conversion for Shipping. We focus on showcasing how a warehousing and fulfillment company can integrate with ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3D Cart, Volusion, Magento, BigCommerce, and UltraCart.

Furthermore, our emails outline the advantages that come with our services, including

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Discounted Inventory Storage
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Same-Day Product Fulfillment
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Discounted Shipping Rates
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24/7 Monitored Storage and Warehousing
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Top Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions
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Customizable Fulfillment Warehouse Services

These benefits can vary depending on your specific offerings, and we can customize our emails accordingly. We also highlight how a warehouse can efficiently manage storage and fulfillment, safeguarding your budget by Preventing Accidental Inventory Damage and Loss, Reducing Storage Rental and Staffing Costs , Ensuring Order Fulfillment Accuracy , Streamlining Returns Processing. In addition, we inform companies about emerging trends in warehousing markets, such as subscription boxes and healthcare product warehousing. We mention the importance of location and the tools we provide for inventory management and shipment tracking to maintain transparency. Our focus is also on responsiveness, ensuring orders from ecommerce platforms are processed to maintain a seamless supply chain.

We elaborate on how we can help manage their business effectively
Utilizing reliable pick-and-pack equipment to prevent inventory damage
Providing secure storage in our cool and dry ecommerce fulfillment warehouse
Implementing multi-faceted security measures for inventory protection

Renting a fulfillment center and hiring staff can be costly, but working with a third-party warehouse simplifies the process, helping you avoid shipping mistakes, reduce returns, and enhance the overall customer experience. Our professional product shipping center promptly updates inventory levels, resends replacement products, and handles all aspects of the returns process with our comprehensive storage and warehousing assistance.

Appointment Scheduling Plan

The replies that will come on the emails we are sending will be monitored by our team and based on the nature of the reply it is, we will take necessary action. We would need access to your calendar to schedule the appointments on the calendar. If the lead is asking for an immediate call then the email introduction will be done, so that you would know why you need to call the lead. We will also initiate an alert from our end to tell you regarding the email introduction which we have done so that you are aware of it.

Shipping & Logistics Solutions Leads

Prospecting Plan

We will keep the same prospecting parameters for shipping & logistics solutions and also take all the personas responsible for shipping & logistics solutions in the company.

Email Templates Plan

We also assist companies in scheduling appointments for various shipping solutions, including LTL/Truckload, Expedited, Trade Shows, or Managed Transportation. Features of our shipping solutions encompass Domestic and International origins, Comprehensive tracking capabilities, Proactive alerts and exception reports, Auto-selection of the best carrier service, Digital storage of shipping documents for compliance auditing, Consolidated management reports.

We guide our recipients on when to consider specific shipping solutions based on their needs. For instance, LTL Truckload is ideal for small items, while expedited shipping suits time-sensitive shipments. To promote LTL Truckload solutions, we include questions in our emails, such as:

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Is your freight within size limits?
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Are you or an agent available for loading and unloading?
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Can you consolidate and palletize your shipment?
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Are you comfortable sharing trailer space with other shipments?
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Do you understand the timeline restrictions of LTL freight?

Our email campaigns are designed to prompt a specific action in each message. The objective is to establish appointments and engage leads effectively. These campaigns may require a warm-up period to familiarize leads with our services before they take action. Appointment Scheduling Plan would remain the same for shipping & logistics solutions leads.

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