B2B lead generation and appointment setting for software services providers

At TLM, we currently work with a number of businesses that provide software services as their primary commercial offering. The software services industry has become highly competitive in recent years with many companies now offering the same basic services with slightly different propositions. As a result, creating a successful B2B lead generation email marketing program is a bit more difficult with software services compared to other industries. Between prospecting and lead identification, it takes a larger amount of effort to snag the best leads.

Company Target Size

We currently work with companies that target businesses in the range of 10-1,000 employees. 

Services Suite

We are professionally equipped to support software companies offering a range of services including:

Product Development Services

Product Development Services

Website Development | Application Development |
eCommerce | CMS | Microservices | APIs
Strategy and Design Services

Strategy and Design Services

UI/UX Strategy | User Research & Testing |
Brand Identity
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Containers | Serverless | Public & Private Cloud
Devops Services

DevOps Services

CI/CD | Software as a Service | Platform as a Service
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data Integration | Storage & Analytics | Reporting & Data Visualization
Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions

Print Management | Advanced Logistics Solutions |
Document Scanning & Digitization | Cloud Storage

We also work with companies that are well versed in various technologies including user experience design, JavaScript (React, Angular, Node, Express), .NET (Asp.net MVC, EF, Azure, SQL Server), Java (JEE, Spring Boot, JPA, Gradle, Restful Services), PHP (MVC  – Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP), Cross Platform (Xamarin, Ionic, React Native), iOS Swift, Android, QA automation (Selenium, Protractor), AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, A2, and WP Engine.

We support software organizations with a full suite of lead generation and appointment setting services, including contact discovery, campaign designing and management, exclusions, and appointment setting. All you have to do is take the calls we recommend and approve the lead for payment if you’re satisfied. It’s that simple.

Target Audience

When it comes to the software services industry, our experience has led us to narrow our target audience to titles that include: 

size upto 100 employees.
size upto 100 employees.
size upto 100 employees.
size upto 100 employees.
size upto 100 employees.
size upto 100 employees.
size upto 100 employees.
Director IT
size upto 1000 employees.

We reach out to the decision makers for software services based on the employee size of the particular company. For example, we look to target job titles such as Founder, President, and CEO for companies with up to 100 employees. For companies with 10-1,000 employees, on the other hand, we’ll primarily target Directors and Managers of IT. Our primary motive is to book appointments with the right decision maker for a particular software service need. Sometimes, that means reaching out to founders and presidents at smaller companies who likely wear multiple hats including responsibility for software services.

How TLM Supports Software Services Companies?

Having worked with a number of software services companies, our team has the right experience to appropriately handle these leads. If someone replies expressing interest in software services, we immediately explain the process of how we can handle their particular needs. 

For example, if the prospect is looking for website development, we would direct them to our client’s website to browse their web development portfolio while also booking time on the client’s calendar to connect further. Our primary motive is always to get the call scheduled for our client, who can then do the due diligence needed to better understand the requirements of the project.

No Cold Calling but say YES to Warm Calling

We do not recommend cold calling your prospects. Email marketing is the best channel for software services providers. Cold calling leads to a waste of time for both you and your prospects. If the owner of the business says no during a cold call, then that’s the end of the road; you don’t get a chance to follow up with them.

Pain Points for Local Businesses

For any business operating in the modern era, a good end-to-end user experience is crucial. We’ve seen an uptick in businesses requesting services for website, UI, and application development as a way to better meet the needs of their customers. When designing product offerings, think from the perspective of your client’s customer base.

As technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace, companies go through great lengths to keep up. As a result, they often run short on available funds for software services, forcing them to continually look for new vendors. The scope of the work also often requires them to evaluate multiple options before making a decision.

With this in mind, it’s best to explain your process and cost structure up front with prospective clients. This helps avoid any unforeseen expenses and allows them to better understand what they can expect from you at the onset of the project.  

Selling Points for Software Services

It’s important to show, not just tell. Any work you’ve done related to a prospect's industry or in a closely related field should be demonstrated in initial email communications. This can take the form of a case study or a simple portfolio of completed work. If you haven’t done related work in the client’s particular field, then try detailing a related business problem with a client and how you helped resolve it. 

When speaking directly with interested prospects, don’t be shy about mentioning the skill sets and resources you bring to the table. Sometimes, they may ask about specific solutions you offer, which may be outside the realm of knowledge of your sales staff. If possible, it can help to include members of your tech team on initial calls with leads to help answer any specific questions they may have.

Given how competitive software services has become, pricing is an important factor for many clients. Make it a best practice to share your rate card up front so that your prospects can budget appropriately for your services.

Example of a follow up email

Hello {{Prospect name}},

I hope that my previous messages didn’t get buried in your inbox or slip into your junk folder. Just in case they did, please allow me to reintroduce myself.

If you are looking for any local company who provides custom software development services in
{{location name}} , you’ve found us.

{{company name}} provides custom software solutions for your business. We operate with honesty and transparency to exceed expectations.
Checkout our services here. We work with many small to midsize companies and provide services for:

1. Web Development
2. App Development (iOS & Android)
3. UX Design. I can set up a call or in-person meeting based on your needs.

Please suggest what you would prefer. I have some availability for
{{Day}}, {{month}} {{date}} OR {{Day}}, {{month}} {{date}}.

Awaiting your confirmation.
{{Sender’s SIgnature}}

How to Get In Touch With Us

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