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A Pennsylvania based Warehouse & Fulfillment company gained traction with TLM email marketing program & closed good business deals

About Client

This company is a family owned business with a track record of 15 years in the warehouse and fulfillment industry. They provide warehousing solutions to the east coast cities and they provide services like kitting & assembly, subscription box fulfillment.

the lead market

Business Problem

  • Primary problem was the reach out and the way they were doing it. There was a potential customer base.
  • They were getting leads but it was not materializing for the client and they were paying for those leads. 
  • Most of the business was going to competition, though they had smaller warehouses.
  • They had no one to guide them for new leads, no inhouse person.

Our Plan

  • This is our first time engaging a warehouse and fulfillment company for B2B lead generation. We did a market analysis of how many potential businesses are there to use our client services. 
  • We have allocated this task to the dedicated resource for this company and after an analysis of 2 days, we knew the way to get the appointments. 
  • The database was getting built but then the messaging had to be right, we focused on the services, company information and basic questions like why & how. 
  • We have assigned one resource for campaign designing and one more for campaign execution. 
  • This program was designed with a multi touchpoint campaign and there were 4 emails to be exact. 
  • There was one more allotted to check the inbox for responses. 
  • Exclusions were handled by our exclusion specialist.


  • Appointments started flowing in from the second week itself. We were doing it for the first time for this industry but we knew that there are a lot of potential prospects, we just need to get our message across.
  • We were able to reach out to 2700 prospects in a month's time and could give them 11 appointments in the first month itself. Client agreed to pay for 8 leads in the first month.
  • Also, we had a pipeline of around 22 prospects who asked to contact us later.