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A Pennsylvania-based warehouse and fulfillment company gained traction and closed more deals with TLM’s email marketing program.

About Client

The company is a family-owned business with a 15-year track record in the warehouse and fulfillment industry. They provide warehousing, kitting, assembly, and subscription box fulfillment services to clients across the East Coast.

With TLM's email marketing, a Pennsylvania warehouse company attracted more customers and closed more b2b deals successfully

Business Problem

  • The company’s primary problem was their outreach efforts and the way they were approaching them. There was a potential customer base that they were missing out on.
  • While they were generating leads, they were not materializing into customers. Lead generation was also becoming costly.
  • The company was losing most of their potential business to competitors with smaller warehouses, which was not sustainable.
  • There was no dedicated in-house person to help them generate new, quality leads.

Our Plan

  • This was our first time engaging a warehouse and fulfillment company for B2B lead generation. We started with a market analysis of how many potential businesses there were that would benefit from our client’s services. 
  • We assigned the initial research task to a dedicated resource on our team. After two days of work, we understood the best way to get appointments. 
  • As we built our lead database, we focused on getting the messaging right. Our communications centered on the company’s services, benefits, and basic questions such as why and how. 
  • Two more dedicated team members were assigned to the project — one for campaign design and another for campaign execution. Specifically, this campaign was designed with four emails. 
  • One more team member was assigned to check the inbox for any responses to the outbound emails. 
  • Any exclusions were handled by our exclusion specialist. 


  • Appointments started flowing in from the second week of the campaign. While this was our first time working with this industry, we knew that there were a number of potential prospects. We just need to get our message across in the right way to get them interested.
  • In just the first month, we reached out to 2,700 prospects and generated 11 appointments for the company. The client agreed to pay for eight of these leads in the first month.
  • Additionally, we tracked a pipeline of around 22 prospects who asked us to follow up with them again at a later time.