Candidate Leads Made Easy With TLM

If you’re a staffing company looking for candidate leads, then you’ve arrived at the right place. The Lead Market (TLM) is highly experienced in supporting staffing companies with candidate leads across industries and skillsets. Our candidate leads program is backed by a skilled team who thoroughly read and analyze job descriptions in order to put forward the best pool of candidates for the role.

Overview of candidate leads program

Our job is to relieve the candidate sourcing headache for recruiters. Staffing companies often work with multiple clients, and every client has different requirements. With everything on their plate already, recruiters can’t devote all their energy to sourcing and following up with prospects. We help recruiters by sourcing qualified candidate profiles from LinkedIn and reaching out to them via LinkedIn InMail/message and email (work/personal) in order to gauge their interest in a particular opportunity.

We focus on email because that’s our specialty. In our experience, target candidates are much more likely to respond to emails than LinkedIn messages. Once our team is done sourcing candidates, you receive qualified profiles, emails, LinkedIn reach outs, and appointments on your calendar to connect with candidates.

Candidate Leads Program

Benefits of our candidate leads program

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We handle the candidate leads for you, saving you the hassle and cost of hiring a recruiter. This is especially beneficial for small staffing companies.

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Managing multiple clients with multiple positions becomes easy with the TLM candidate lead program.

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You no longer have to reach out to every single prospect over the phone. We can help filter candidates so you’re focused on those who are the best fit.

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A LinkedIn Premium subscription isn’t required. We’ll use our license to search for candidates on your behalf.

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We always conduct multiple reach outs via LinkedIn and email.

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Our database of candidate profiles is maintained so that you can revisit the profiles whenever you like.

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Our team is flexible and happy to work on multiple positions at once if you have more than one role to immediately fill.

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You can avoid the hassle of dealing with freelancers to find candidate leads. Our reliable team of recruiters is always available to help.

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We are happy to work directly with recruiters assigned to certain positions to ensure the right candidates are connected with the right talent managers within your organization.

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Our experience working across industries and roles makes us a preferred vendor for candidate leads.

Here’s how our candidate leads program typically works:
Staffing Leads

The staffing company delivers a job description for an open role.

Staffing Leads

TLM analyzes the description and makes a list of important keywords.

Staffing Company

The TLM team will set up a call with the staffing company to discuss the keywords and their expectations on filling the role.

Candidate Responds

If a candidate responds that they are interested, we will set up an initial call on recruiter’s calendar.

Google Sheet

We’ll maintain a Google Sheet tracker with all prospective leads and contact candidates via LinkedIn and email.

Qualified Candidate Leads Profile

We will use our LinkedIn Sales Navigator/Recruiter license to find the most qualified candidate profiles.



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How many profiles can I expect daily / weekly / monthly?

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Do you have any guarantees that I will get the candidates for my positions?

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Can you work based on performance OR on commission?

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No matter what your candidate sourcing needs are, we have the right plans for you. With our modest pricing structure, companies of every size get the ROI they deserve. Our flat-pricing model ensures that we deliver high-quality work for every client. And no matter your requirements, our team of recruiters, quality analysts, and account managers are engaged at every step of the process.

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