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Learn more about how TLM’s B2B lead generation services helped a US-based franchise-model staffing company grow its client base

About Client

The company offers temp-to-hire, temporary and permanent positions to assist with the staffing needs of local businesses.

B2B Lead Generation Boosts Staffing franchise

Business Problem

  • The company had never previously tried outsourcing their lead generation activities. They were investing more heavily in digital marketing efforts, and they were not receiving as many qualified leads as they desired. 
  • They hired salespeople to scout leads through calls and email, which took up significant resources and time. As a result, follow-ups with current prospects were being neglected. They need someone to take on the responsibility of B2B lead generation
  • The competition in their market was heating up, and they had to look for a lead generation solution that could actually deliver new clients and allow them to stay competitive.

Our Plan

  • We started by adding a dedicated team member to perform contact discovery, and we assigned a shared pool of resources for the rest of the activities (i.e., campaigning, lead identification and exclusions). 
  • Our contact discovery efforts were focused on targeting the decision makers (including office managers) at businesses with 5-100 employees. 
  • We focused on companies from a variety of industries, including accounting, manufacturing, law firms, IT, and financial services technology. 
  • The next step was to design a compelling campaign. We decided to do a four-touchpoint campaign (one introductory message + three follow-up messages). Every message included a mix of humour and a formal touch. 
  • We used a more casual approach in some touchpoints as well, and we saw positive results with those campaigns. Casual fonts were used in emails to get our audience’s attention in order to stand out from the competition. 
  • A secondary domain was used to deploy the campaigns. Emails were routed from our server, which made a significant difference. 
  • Our team of lead identifiers introduced prospects to the owner of the franchise if we received any neutral or positive responses.


  • We started generating two to three leads in the first month. The franchise owner also started receiving direct calls from local businesses inquiring about their services. 
  • The owner also received a number of LinkedIn connection requests as well from the owners of businesses in their market.
  • During the second and third month, we generated around six to seven leads per month, and our persistence helped this client outperform the competition. The company was becoming more of a well-known entity in the staffing industry.
  • We also asked a few sales representatives to make calls based on warm-to-cold enquiries, and they received positive feedback.