B2B lead generation and appointment setting for lead staffing companies

The staffing industry has a lot of potential when it comes to lead generation and appointment setting. We currently work with multiple industry specific staffing companies catering to local businesses in their respective territories. As a result of our efforts, we’ve seen many prospects responding and asking about their services. Many businesses today face problems with their staffing needs, and you can be the solution.

Company Target Size

We target companies with 5-500 employees in industries including accounting, manufacturing, light industrial, professional services, and technology. If you have a specific set of skills in mind, we can modify our search parameters to limit results to companies that are currently hiring for those skillsets.

Services offerings include
Onsite Staffing
Onsite Staffing
Contract Staffing
Contract Staffing

Target Audience

The target audience for our appointment setting services includes founders, CEOs, presidents, office managers, operations personnel, people officers, HR heads, and HR managers. Once we acquire a lead with these prospects, we’ll schedule time with them to connect directly with our client.

We’ve also seen a great response rate to our mailers with many prospects replying with industry specific staffing requirements. These are high-quality responses that can be easily converted into meaningful conversations.

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How TLM Supports Staffing Companies?

When you choose TLM, you get access to an experienced team that has managed responses from HR personnel and top executives at many companies looking to upgrade their workforce. We know which responses need immediate attention, and our team will always action those appropriately and pass along the lead for follow up. We’ve also had cases where the prospect asked for an in-office conversation to discuss staffing requirements, which is the type of hot lead we’re always happy to deliver. 

Pain Points for Local Businesses

Local businesses are struggling with vendors that aren’t delivering the right staffing to fill their needs. In fact, many of them often turn to internal HR teams to recruit qualified talent, which can be inefficient and costly.

The candidates that they choose to interview are often not pre-qualified, which leads to a waste of valuable time. Qualifying the candidates prior to scheduling the interview would solve a significant problem for local businesses. 

Small local businesses also often request help with writing job descriptions based on the role.  In a staffing agency, they’re looking for a partner who can contribute not only to the sourcing of candidates but also to filling the gaps in the job description based on their experience.

Selling Points for Staffing

There’s a lot of noise in the staffing industry, so staffing companies need to bring more than just brand value to the table. First and foremost, a track record of working with local businesses is key to a successful conversation. If you can’t point to a close example, then at least experience working in a similar industry would still be impactful. 

Demonstrating the expertise of your recruiters would also make a meaningful difference. If your recruiters have worked for your organization for multiple years, feel free to flaunt that in your sales pitch. This will showcase stability and experience, allowing your prospects to place their trust in you.

Always specify the closing time for a particular job opening. If the closing time is less than a week or so, then put that in the deck and show that to the clients. This will encourage them to work with you to fill a couple of positions from the start. 

Follow-Up Email Example

Hello {{Prospect name}},

I hope that my previous messages didn’t get buried in your inbox or slip into your junk folder. Just in case they did, please allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is
{{Sender’s name}}, and I’m the Managing Director of XXXX. We help clients like you with flexible solutions for staffing.

I wanted to see if we could get your p
riorities off on the right foot with an early conversation—even if you’ve got another recruitment firm working with you.

Would you have an opening to discuss more over a quick call on Thursday,
{{month}} {{date}}?

{{Sender’s name}}

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