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With TLM, you get access to an experienced team with working knowledge of a number of responses such as server upgrades, patching, VDI, MAC support, digital transformation, NIST compliance, etc. We know how to nurture a lead when they are looking for an MSP.We have years of experience under our belt with MSP lead generation and appointment setting. Our first client was an MSP based in British Columbia, Canada. We soon expanded and are now working with companies based in the US as well. Even after we’ve grown and taken on new business, our very first client still counts on us for lead generation and appointment setting services.

Why Choose TLM for Your Email Marketing Needs?

Expertise - We've been in the business for the last 7 years and given our credentials and the number of campaigns we have done, we claim to give ROI to every customer who comes onboard. Email marketing is a very good tool but you need to understand how to do it.

Custom Programs

Every company is not the same and we understand that. We are right now servicing companies in industries like Technology, Staffing, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Accounting. If there is a need for B2B leads, we can deliver qualified leads and hence help in increasing revenue.

Email Campaigns

The campaigns are plain-text emails but these emails are HTML based emails. We are not using a lot of images, in fact we are against using HTML themed emails which have a lot of images. We make the email such that it looks professional. Our emails are sometimes formal and sometimes casual. Prospects of our customers like our email writing style and mentioned this to our customers a lot of times. Lastly, it is about how we stand out of other marketing agencies.

Convincing email scripts

our content writers divide the email script into three important parts, the first one is the introduction (try to establish the trust and the confidence). The second part is the body where we talk about the customer’s services/product and the last part is the CTA, which we keep it always, so that there’s a chance of action on every email.


we believe in following the patterns we get from our email campaigns. We have our ways to do it by looking at A/B testing patterns or response rates or comparing the results with the last year and we kind of know what’s coming in which month. We are in the right direction to give a predictable model for B2B lead generation & appointment setting.


We've been in the business for the last 7 years and given our credentials and the number of campaigns we have done, we claim to give ROI to every customer who comes onboard. Email marketing is a very good tool but you need to understand how to do it.


our team is literally present in your working hours. Our process has multiple functions and customers can ask anything anytime, it could be the prospecting list that we are building or the lead report which shows the YTD leads. We are also very proactive in terms of customer success where our team is talking to the customers every week to make sure everything is fine.

Experience the Power of High-Quality B2B Leads with Unmatched Trustworthiness

When we speak to a client for the first time, we want them to evaluate us not just based on what we say but what our clients are saying, in fact we give them a couple of references so that they can speak to them and know the quality of service we are providing. If you sign up with us, you get complete transparency into the data we are building, you get to see the email scripts we are writing and also the email exchange we are having with the prospects. We do this because lead generation is a team work. Sometimes, we need to work with you on some leads so that we can create a win-win scenario for each other. Goal is always to increase your revenue by 10x to 30x.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts

At the end, the service is evaluated based on the quality of the leads. We ensure with our program that the leads that are coming either should close or it should be part of the sales pipeline but given the nature of the industry we are in. So, here’s why you can unlock the potential of email marketing with TLM -


Qualified leads

According to our evaluation of the leads - 70% of our leads are creating business, 20% leads are part of the sales pipeline and sooner or later, they might close as well. 5% of our leads are getting rescheduled as we see some of the no-shows but we are working on those leads again to re-schedule them for our clients & then remaining 5% of our leads are dead leads (prospects denied working with our customers after evaluating them).


Trustworthy Prospects

Building trust is crucial in the B2B world. The prospects we are targeting from our email campaigns are taken out either from their websites, LinkedIn or other databases but before it goes into the campaigning, we do a quality check of all the prospects. We have less than 5% of bounce rate.


Campaign Efficiency

We know that demand for these qualified leads are high and we always use our email scripts which are high performing and try to convert those emails to fit your branding and messaging. This ensures one thing - that the email script liked by many so there are chances that we can see some B2B leads sooner than later.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business's lead generation and appointment setting efforts. You can get started with the TLM(The Lead Market) email marketing program by booking a discovery call and discussing your needs. You can also refer to some of our case studies which are very informative & can help you make the decision.

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