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A case study examining how an MSP peer team program company achieved significant deals through TLM's email marketing program

About Client

The client, headquartered in Illinois, offers peer team programs to MSPs across the United States. Their services include training in various aspects, such as financial and sales training, providing valuable resources to MSPs nationwide.

Qualified leads for MSP Peer Team

Business Problem

  • Their business model falls into the 'good-to-have' category, making precise targeting essential. Despite previous attempts with various marketing agencies, including cold calling and email marketing, they found limited success.
  • The management took on the task of selling these services after parting ways with agencies. While they achieved some success through networking, they struggled with new business development efforts.
  • Recognizing the need for a reliable partner to spearhead their business development activities, they were eager to find the right collaborator.

Our Plan

  • Prospecting played a pivotal role in this engagement, and we recognized its importance. To ensure the best results, we assigned our most experienced team members to work closely with this client and participate in initial client calls to gain a deeper understanding of the prospecting process.
  • Our target audience consisted of MSPs with employee sizes ranging from 5 to 25, as they often seek assistance the most. We focused on engaging Owners, Founders, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and CXO-level executives.
  • Our email messaging was carefully crafted to resonate with small-sized MSPs, addressing pain points related to financial growth, training, steady expansion, and essential tools. Additionally, we tailored the message to align with the client's peer team program plans, which were customized based on the size of the MSP.
  • While most exclusions were automatically handled by our system, we maintained a vigilant eye on the inbox to ensure no important communications were missed.
  • Lead Identifiers were instructed to schedule appointments directly on the owner's calendar. If prospects had specific business questions, we introduced the owner in the email itself to facilitate direct communication.
  • This engagement followed a team-based approach. TLM worked diligently to generate opportunities, and when prospects had queries, we encouraged the client to personally reach out to them. Our primary goal was to secure qualified leads.
  • Some of these leads were categorized as cold or warm and were nurtured bi-weekly to keep them informed about our client's offerings.


  • In just the second month, they successfully closed their first client, securing a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $750. This early success brought them considerable satisfaction.
  • Consistently, they were able to secure 3 to 4 appointments each month, a significant achievement.
  • With new business development activities expertly managed by the TLM team, they could now devote their full attention to growing their business.
  • Their previous experiences with vendors were less than satisfactory, but partnering with TLM completely transformed their perspective. They found in TLM a strategic partner for lead generation and appointment setting.