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Our outbound approach is something which encourages the right techniques of lead generation and appointment setting. Leads that we send across express interest with some qualified questions for your services and products, which justifies that the leads we send to you are of great quality.
No. We start the work as we get the required information for prospecting and campaigning and then we invoice you after the first month of engagement.
It depends on you. We can work with or without your database. All we need is information about what you want to sell.
Well, we don’t promise any specific number. Our goal is to act as an extended arm of your sales process and we take your closure target as our target. Our clients have successfully closed business in the first 3 months of engagement and some have closed business in the first month itself. We target the leads which can be of a shorter sales cycle.
Our engagement model ensures that the leads we generate for you should match your requirement but if it doesn’t happen then you don’t have to pay for that particular lead. We work towards client satisfaction and hence don’t promise you any big numbers for leads. Quality is what we aim for and qualified leads are our GOAL.
Yes. You would get one dedicated person for prospecting and then one for campaigning.
Of course. If the lead which was billed previous month turns out to be a no show or something which is not matching your requirement then we would give you credit for that particular lead.
Yes. You do. Our reporting team would send you dashboard weekly which would describe all the activities related to your account.
It depends on when we receive the information that we requested during our call. Once we receive the information from your end, we would take only 1 day to start the work because of our strong bench policy. We have resources to start the work asap.
No. We do not believe in cold calling practice. If you are looking for cold calling, then we are not the company for you. We have developed our own model of lead generation and we think we can generate better leads through our techniques.
We accept the bank transfer, PayPal.