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Campaign designing

Campaign Designing

Lead generation campaign designing requires a sophisticated blend of expertise in message design, the prudence of medium selection, and finesse in content management. At TLM, we provide the best campaign design services with years of experience grounded in research, experimenting, and innovation.

With vast knowledge in campaign design, TLM is ready to advance your lead generation efforts with impactful designs, tested layout templates, and effective messages. Whether you use your in-house sales team to deliver your campaign and get our professional campaign execution services for greater effect, our email marketing services for B2B lead generation will deliver higher results.

What sets our campaign designing services apart

At TLM, we take pride in our high-impact campaign designing capabilities. This is a result of our unrelenting search for ways to further improve our design strategy and effect. We are always looking for tools and tactics that can enhance the impact of our designed campaigns.

At the same time, the quality of lead generation campaign design we deliver stands above our competition in every measure. Instead of focusing on flashy outlook, we use strategic content placement techniques to engage readers and subtly persuade them to take the campaign’s desired action.

Years of field experience have taught us campaign designing can be the make or break factor for clients’ email marketing campaigns. This is why we offer this service as a discrete offering focused on message design, message body writing, and effective call-to-action (CTA) development.

Campaign Designing

Rich-text Campaigns


Rich-text Campaigns

We use a rich-text editor to create sales messages that deliver a rich experience to your email readers.


Multi-touchpoint Campaigns

We design sales messages in multiple formats to help you reach your readers in various personalized ways.


Campaign Execution Capabilities

Apart from campaign designing, you can also engage our highly trained team to execute your sales campaigns and bring in better results.

Why choose rich-text over HTML

Rich-text campaigns give promotional messages an edge over HTML layouts in a number of ways:

Rich-text format (RTF) offers a blend of text and graphic effects that add emphasis to the message and increase reader engagement.

RTF adds a human touch to the message, which again makes it more engaging and appealing to the reader.

RTF is generally more effective in B2B campaigns while HTML formats are often successful in B2C campaigns.

System restrictions on automated image downloading may keep HTML messages from reaching many of the recipients. RTF adds effect and appeal through the text itself with much fewer images and the emails often get through spam filters.