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Contact discovery

Contact Discovery

Our contact discovery service is designed to help optimize your marketing efforts and focus them on key decision makers on your target accounts. The business contact lists we create for you with our contact discovery services bring a lot of influential contacts in your reach, often discovering decision makers and accounts that were not even on your radar but show all the signs of a high-potential lead.

With our contact discovery lists, you will be able to initiate your sales and marketing campaigns with these high-potential leads, saving a lot of time and costs and improving your success rate by a significant margin.

What we deliver in our contact discovery services

Database Building

Decision Makers Details

Business Contact Lists

Quality Sales Leads


Database building

We assigned dedicated units of Prospecting Executives to your campaign who works with other key resources using latest data mining tools and business libraries with updated information to build a sound database of contacts for you. Every time you reach for a contact discovery campaign, we create a new database of contacts to ensure you have accurate and updated contact information for target recipients.


Business contact lists

We create comprehensive contact lists that identify decision makers and key players in organizations that fit your target criteria. We use the vast databases of professionals on the Internet and our servers to build exhaustive lists of contacts that fit your preferences and customer profiles. Each list we create is built with your described data filters and is delivered to you as your property that you can use without limitations as you please.


Quality sales leads

We ensure the sales leads we suggest to you match your offerings very closely. The contact lists we build for you will contain high-quality, detailed information about each contact. So far the contact lists and leads we have generated for our customers deliver 93% conversion rate on average, while the remaining 7% leads go into their funnel for later.


Decision makers details

We deliver contact discovery services with the goal to help you start your sales campaigns with high-potential leads. It is imperative that you have high-impact influencers and key decision makers in a long list of organizations that match your sales criteria and ideal customer profiles. We include updated contact details of such individuals in the list so you can easily contact them.