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List cleansing

List cleansing

The success of your prospecting campaigns depends on the quality of your contact list and prospects' information. When you realize that over a quarter of the prospects list you built last year is invalid now, the problem of your next campaign's ROI becomes highly significant.

At TLM, our email list cleansing and verification service take care of that problem. We use a streamlined contact list verification process to remove invalid leads from your list and give you a crystal-clear picture of how good your contact lists are.

Our list cleansing services

List Cleansing

Data Verification

List Cleansing

Duplicated Data Removal

List Cleansing

Data Maintanance

List Cleansing

Data Filtering


Data verification

It is prudent to make sure your prospects sheet has valid contact information before you launch a campaign, and we can help you with that. We can verify the emails and other contact details of all entries in your prospects list. These could be lists your team put together or we built for you in the past.

This way when you launch your lead generation campaign, you will have the right information, which will significantly boost your campaign ROI.

List Cleansing


Duplicated data removal

If you tried to build your prospects sheet without professional help, it is likely that the sheet may have many errors. Such lists are often built with the help of information scraping tools that can sometimes lead to duplication of data. In long lists where the data is divided for contacting by multiple agents, data duplication can cause loss of prospects simply because more than one agent contacts them and they get confused on annoyed.

We can take care of duplicated entries across your prospects list so you can optimize your campaign ROI and do not lose potential customers to this simple and common error.

List Cleansing


Data maintenance

Haphazardly made prospect lists are likely to have faulty and incorrect information. Sometimes you put the wrong contact information with prospect name.

These simple errors can lead to big problems once you launch your lead generation campaign, since a lot of intended recipients never get the information you send them.

We can fix this problem and revise your prospects sheet to perfection.


Data filtering

You can also get our help to create versions of your prospects list based on distinct contact characteristics. For instance, we can transform your primary contacts list into multiple lists based on various filters, including demographic, technographic, firmographic, and other data filters.

This way, you can create multiple campaigns for various segments in your prospects sheet with more personalized offerings.

If you want our help to build a prospects sheet from scratch, check out our contact discovery services.