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How did a Melbourne-based GRC compliance provider optimize their sales efforts with TLM’s B2B lead generation services?

About Client

This client has direct experience in governance, risk, compliance management and related GRC activities/products. They simplify governance, risk and compliance activities for local businesses in Australia.

Goveranance Provider Success

Business Problem

  • As a very ambitious startup, they wanted to work with someone who was well versed in the Australian market and had done B2B campaigning in the past.  
  • Their main objective was to generate qualified B2B leads for their GRC compliance product. 
  • Being a startup, they didn’t have the resources to invest a lot of capital into SDRs. Instead, they wanted to outsource the lead generation and appointment setting process to a vendor that could handle it and provide a budget-friendly service.
  • They wanted to reach out to local companies, but they had to first prepare a list of prospects and then perform outbound outreach. As a result, they were ideally looking to engage with a company that provided outreach services as a package. 
  • They wanted someone to generate a good number of qualified leads for them in the next six months.

Our Plan

  • We met with the client through a mutual contact who knew our capabilities and was satisfied with our lead generation and appointment setting work. 
  • We met with the CEO of the company and proposed an email marketing program for the next six months. We explained our process of contact discovery, campaigning, lead identification and appointment scheduling. 
  • We proceeded to engage one of our team members for contact discovery and a shared resource for campaigning and lead identification.
  • Our prospecting plan was to target finance professionals and individuals who are responsible for compliance activities at their companies. Because we were targeting SMEs, we also included CEOs and founders as appropriate. We used different research tools to find the names of the decision makers who would be interested in our client’s SaaS product. 
  • For the campaign design, we used a combination of rich-text, textual, and graphical representations of the core message. As a SaaS product company, our client was able to provide us with great graphics that helped our messages stand out and tempt prospects into wanting to learn more.
  • Initially, we used a five-touchpoint campaign. We used the client’s trademarked logo throughout our emails to give them a unique and trustworthy appearance. These small details are sometimes very important when designing a campaign.


  • We secured a couple leads in the first week, which really boosted our confidence. The need was definitely there, and prospects were responding to our messages. The CEO of the client company was very happy with the results we were generating for a low-cost service. 
  • By the end of the first month, we had generated 13 total leads. Our focus on designing high-quality campaigns, literature, and collateral proved to be successful.
  • The CEO of the company indicated that by just closing a couple of our leads, they would recoup eight months’ worth of our services.