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B2B lead generation

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Learn how MSPs can generate qualified appointments by using creative rich text email campaigns.

B2B lead generation

Nov 10, 2022

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B2B lead generation
b2b leads

B2B lead generation & Appointment Setting

B2B qualified leads & appointments for your business services & products.

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Contact Discovery

Contact Discovery

Build a customized B2B list of prospects for your sales process & ensure quality campaigning.

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Inside sales consulting

Inside sales consulting

Your team is underperforming for qualified leads. We train your team to ensure business success.

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Campaign designing

Campaign designing

Don’t know what to write in your B2B sales email. Hire an expert and design your campaign for qualified leads. 

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List cleansing

List cleansing

Keep your prospecting list current and bounce free with list cleansing service. Ensure good email reputation & domain reputation. 

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If a qualified lead is the question, then TLM is the answer!

We are engaged with more than 170+ SMBs for B2B lead generation and appointment setting

At TLM, we never focus on the quantity and that I guess is a big difference. If you are looking for the volume of leads then TLM might not be the company you should engage with but if you are looking for B2B qualified leads which can get you a successful closure then sign up with TLM for an email marketing program. We have seen our clients closing more deals and putting more leads into their pipeline rather than taking too many lead calls which are low quality. Our pricing makes the engagement even more tempting for our clients.

the lead market

We discuss the target audience and then design the B2B email marketing program

We also suggest the kind of campaigns your company should do and we help create those campaigns and then execute them. Every client gets the dedicated resources and hence the attention to detail is always there. We read every email which comes to the inbox and then nurture the ones which are neutral to positive and then scheduling the ones which are HOT. We also nurture the Cold and Warm leads so that we can get them on the calendar sooner or later. We never miss out on our follow ups and that we guess is our secret sauce to success.

the lead market


the lead market


the lead market


the lead market


the lead market


We are working with multiple industries like Technology (SAP Support, Mobile Development, Web development, Application development), MSPs, Staffing, Shipping, Manufacturing, Retail and others. We are supporting businesses with HOT, Warm and Cold leads. We are not making any cold calls to them just because we have set the time for you. We want the prospects to take their own sweet time and then decide whether they would like to have a call or not.

the lead market

Our understanding of B2B lead generation and appointment setting is to bring a prospect on a table who has a genuine need. Our lead to business ratio is around 81% (the data is based on the clients we worked with in the past). We also have success connecting with the right decision makers which shows the kind of quality our data has. We fine tune the data quarterly to make sure we have the right decision makers in our list. We always put the right team forward when it comes to identifying quality leads for you. Well, at last it’s the quality lead which matters to us and to you

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Happy Clients of TLM


Very thorough review of our needs and great results! Overall we are happy with the service. We have got quite a few warm leads which makes closing easier

Rick Dhatt

CEO, Welcome Networks

Matt Trimble, Snelling Staffing

TLM has been a game changer. We are pleased with the response time and quality of leads that TLM has provided. TLM has delivered on all of our objectives.

Matt Trimble

President, Snelling Staffing

Alan Harlan, Axis Software Dynamics

Awesome Service! We have multiple companies that TLM has assisted with Lead Generation. Their process is highly adaptable and works across multiple industries. The team is really responsive and always improving the process.

Alan Harlan

CEO, Axis Software Dynamics

Leeanna R, IT Support RI

Simply the best! I've worked with V and his team for a few years now. They are experts in their field. Since we've used them, we've acquired more clients and lead appointments at a very fair rate for their services. They are very open to feedback and are willing to adjust to your specific business needs.

Leeanna Raposo

CFO, IT Support RI

Kimico Myers, TL Columbia

The Lead Market has been a great success for us. Vivek and his team are very professional and have been a joy to work with. I would highly recommend their services.

Kimico Myers

President, TeamLogic IT Columbia

Dennis Sands, FirstCall

After trying numerous other Marketing firms and services with few positive results, we finally found The Lead Market who has been a huge success for us. Their professionalism and marketing expertise has resulted in a 300% increase in sales for us over the past 12 months. We would highly recommend them.

Dennis Sands

CEO, FirstCall Consulting

Madhuri Deshpande, GDI

Vivek and his team are extremely skilled at delivering the high-quality lead gen campaigns that we need, always within the timelines and frameworks that we have specified. Most importantly, I appreciate how flexible and adaptable Vivek and his team are when it comes to working with us, including providing suggestions and solutions as we grow together.

Madhuri Deshpande

President, GDI Infotech

Sunil Raina, TL Maryland

The Lead Market team has been a revelation! When I signed up with them, my expectations were luke-warm at best because of my past experiences with other similar companies that charge high fees but deliver just enough not to be terminated.

Sunil Raina

President, TeamLogic IT of Ellicott City

howard page

"The Lead Market Finds Leads". I hired The lead Market to run e-mail campaigns to help with lead generation. They do a good job with research and engaging clients.

Howard Page

President and CEO, TeamLogic IT - Atlanta Midtown


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B2B lead generation & appointment setting

Campaign Designing

Lead Identification

Dedicated Prospecting Resource

Master File Sharing

Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports

Appointment Call Research

Email Support

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Everything in basic plan

Multiple Campaigns

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

CRM Integration for Data & leads

Dedicated Resource for Sales Intelligence

Direct Mail follow up campaign

SMTP Server Integration

A/B Testing


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Consulting for your inside sales team

Campaign Template Support

Strategy designing for qualified leads

Resource Optimization

Guidance on the right tools

Assistance on email responses

Cleaning of your current Master list

Training on Contact Discovery

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