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Case Study on How a New Jersey-Based IT Staffing Agency Gained Key Customers with TLM Email Marketing Program

About Client

The client operates staffing activities for local and some national businesses, primarily focusing on technology roles. They are based in New Jersey and employ a team of 15 professionals.

New Jersey IT Staffing Agency's Success Story with TLM Email Marketing for Attracting Key Customers

Business Problem

The client faced several challenges:

  • A decline in revenue due to reduced staffing needs from their existing clients.
  • Economic uncertainties causing their current clients to put job openings on hold, negatively impacting their business.
  • Over reliance on referrals for new business, with a lack of an effective outbound sales pipeline.

Our Plan

We formulated a clear plan based on our experience in the IT staffing industry:

  • We initiated statewide outreach to companies seeking staffing agencies.
  • Our prospecting efforts targeted a wide range of individuals, from project managers to HR personnel, ensuring a broad reach within the tech staffing sector.
  • We implemented a multi-touchpoint campaign, commencing with an introductory email showcasing our team's expertise and previous work.
  • We maintained persistence through weekly emails, varying our messaging to emphasize our IT staffing proficiency and how we could assist them.
  • We continuously monitored responses around the clock to ensure no important leads were missed. Responses requiring the client's expertise were promptly forwarded to them.
  • Involving the client in the outbound email marketing process allowed them to understand how prospective clients were reacting to the campaigns.


Our efforts yielded significant benefits for the client:

  • Acquisition of two key customers within seven months of engagement, who remain clients to this day.
  • Increased organic traffic to their website, contributing to enhanced web presence and brand awareness.
  • Identification of a reliable b2b qualified lead partner for other campaigns, such as a candidate leads program to address their challenge of sourcing new candidate profiles for additional job openings.