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Discover how the TLM email marketing program helped a Rhode Island-based MSP increase their MRR by 15x

About Client

The client is an MSP based in Rhode Island. They have a capable team and are well-recognized as a local MSP.

TLM Email Marketing Transforms MSP Growth

Business Problem

  • This client faced a significant challenge: optimizing their marketing spend to reduce costs. They were in search of a partner capable of delivering results at a low engagement cost.
  • Their hiring choices were on point, boasting a team of 20 full-time technicians. They were particularly interested in securing managed IT contracts, specifically those involving companies with 11-50 employees. Their criteria included an agency with a proven track record and ample experience.
  • The owners had a clear vision for their company's future. They aimed to make it market-ready for potential acquisition within the next 5 years, with a focus on increasing customer reach and consequently, their business valuation. This presented a unique and exciting business challenge.

Our Plan

  • The client found the perfect partner in TLM. With seven years of experience in serving MSPs and a proven track record, we were the ideal choice to help them meet their goals. We had previously assisted an MSP in New York in becoming market-ready, further solidifying our credentials.
  • In our MSP-focused division, we have a dedicated team ready to handle clients and initiate the prospecting process. The client had specified their target audience: companies with 11-50 employees and decision-makers within those companies.
  • We crafted email letters based on the information available on the company's website, striving to personalize each one. Our approach included a four-touchpoint campaign each month, with a primary theme centered around troubleshooting and other project-related tasks.
  • To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of our mailing list, we had dedicated teams for lead identification and exclusion. Once we received positive responses, we promptly scheduled meetings on the calendar.
  • For other types of responses, such as individuals providing references within their company or asking questions related to pricing and technical details, we followed up and scheduled leads accordingly when appropriate.


  • It's the fourth year of our engagement with them, and during this time, we've successfully added 18 customers to their client base. Notably, two of these customers are significant, contributing MRRs of $13,500 and $17,000 each.
  • Their pipeline is now in a healthy state, and they are delighted with both their spending and the results they've achieved. Their extensive networking has also made it easier to connect with and close prospects.