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Case study of how a staffing agency in Michigan filled their sales pipeline by using TLM’s B2B lead generation and inside sales practices

About Client

This company helps technology businesses find talented, tech-savvy professionals to fill staffing needs. While they serve the entire U.S., they mainly focus on businesses in Michigan.

Michigan Staffing Success

Business Problem

  • When we met them, the client mentioned that they had just lost one of their biggest customers, and they were now looking for someone to help fill that void. 
  • They also had a bench of experienced IT professionals that needed to be placed before they decide to jump ship to another staffing agency. They were facing a fair amount of resistance from their HR department to find positions for them.

Our Plan

  • We had proposed an email marketing plan and assigned one dedicated team member to contact discovery initially. We would then add one more for aggressive data mining. 
  • After hearing out about their experience in Michigan, we proposed including IT directors and business intelligence/data warehouse managers (BI/DWH) as our primary prospecting targets while keeping HR professionals as secondary targets.
  • We were confident in this plan because we believed most BI/DWH project managers knew about job openings and the profiles of candidates who would be a good fit for what they were looking for. We designed campaigns based on candidate profiles and sold them on what they wanted to see. 
  • Our campaign utilized our current capabilities and insight from the client’s past experience, which ended up working out pretty well for a three-touchpoint campaign. 
  • After putting our B2B lead generation engine into motion, we received some early hits, which we were able to convert on a call. The client loved our thought process and wanted to have more of those calls.
  • After adding an additional team member, we added more data to the master file. The campaigns were responsive because if our targeted project managers were not interested, they would often refer the message to their HR teams who would take us more seriously.


  • We generated an average of three qualified leads per month, and the agency’s pipeline was filled with quality contacts. 
  • In the second month, a big tech company invited our client to their office to discuss the details of some of their professional candidates. 
  • All in all, we were able to deliver around 25 qualified leads in the first eight months of service, which the client was very satisfied with.