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An M&A advisory company received significant lead traction after engaging TLM for campaigning and B2B lead generation

About Client

This client is based in California and acts as a broker between buying and selling companies, especially managed service providers (MSPs).

M&A advisory company boosted b2b leads

Business Problem

  • The client has been in the M&A business for the last 10 years. They were mostly working off of references to find new business, but they felt that with the right B2B lead generation strategy, they could do a lot better. 
  • They had more buyers than sellers in the MSP industry, and, as a result, they were facing problems meeting demand. They were desperate for qualified leads.  
  • These buyers were also location-specific, and it was getting difficult to find the right companies to target. They had one sales representative who was making cold calls to MSPs, but the results were less than ideal.

Our Plan

  • We met with the client through a reference who had great success with us. This was our first time catering to a company in the M&A business.
  • We stuck to our standard model of an email marketing program. We wanted to see if our winning plan would work as well in this industry as it did for others. 
  • We assigned one team member for contact discovery and a couple shared resources for campaigning, lead identification and exclusions.
  • For prospecting, we focused more on mid-sized MSP companies with between 20-150 employees. We targeted both owners and founders. 
  • For campaign design, we decided to employ only three touchpoints, and we were careful to keep a good gap between the two consecutive emails. 
  • Our lead identifier was instructed to schedule appointments on the owner’s calendar for direct interests. For queries, the lead identifier would introduce the client.


  • More people were interested in buying rather than selling, and we got to know them well through campaigning. It was a struggle initially to find leads who were interested in selling, but we remained confident. We were able to deliver one lead in the first month. 
  • At the start of the second month, our prospects improved. We were soon generating around two to three leads per month. 
  • After implementing two-touchpoint campaigns, we saw a significant increase in the number of leads, and we were also able to generate around 13 inquiries for the client’s services in a short period of time.
  • The client was happy to see the growth. He remarked that we were able to deliver way above his expectations, and we generated an impressive number of leads for quite a few months.