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An SAP consulting company hired us to boost their sales pipeline. Learn how we increased their revenue by 300%.

About Client

The client is from Atlanta, Georgia and provides SAP support services to enterprises nationwide. Their services include functional and technical support as well as assistance with EDI integration.

SAP Consulting Sales Pipeline Boost

Business Problem

  • They were desperately looking for a way to boost their sales. Most of their business came from references; they had never tried outbound marketing before.
  • As a group of veteran SAP consultants, the company’s leaders wanted to share their knowledge and help other businesses. Now, they just needed a way to get the word out. Many of their experienced employees were also looking for more challenging work. 
  • They didn’t know how to exactly go about finding new business. Initially, they approached several advisory companies, but cost considerations prevented them from moving forward. Because they were doing this for the first time, they thought they should be starting with low-budget services that understood their business model as well.

Our Plan

  • When he received our outreach email, their CEO wanted to talk. We understood their situation well and proposed an email marketing strategy. Our pricing was very much in their budget, which was one reason why they gave us the go ahead. 
  • We also asked them to start a basic digital marketing plan as well for the brand-building process. In addition, we requested that they start building a new website to better market their services to prospects. 
  • We started the B2B lead generation program with one dedicated team member doing contact discovery and a shared pool of resources for other activities. 
  • For our prospecting plan, we targeted the decision makers at companies using SAP. This included IT decision makers and SAP decision makers such as SAP Functional leads and SAP Basis managers and administrators. 
  • Because the client asked us to focus on enterprises based in the U.S., we had to exclude a number of companies whose decision makers were based in other countries. 
  • The campaign design was based on the company’s platinum resources capabilities and the past projects they had done. We started with the SAP Functional and SAP Basis support campaigns. 
  • We had also assigned one team member to lead identification and exclusions to manage the master file.


  • We generated an average of two or three leads per month in the first six months. The CEO of the client company was really happy with the quality of leads we were bringing to the table. 
  • In the seventh month, they closed a lead for Functional plus Basis support. After that, they also closed a business deal for Functional support. 
  • These couple of deals made them believe in the email marketing program. They proceeded to agree to pursue our digital marketing program as well and requested more information about the website building project, which we referred to one of our partners. 
  • The CEO of this client told our CEO that he could see a 300% growth in revenue by closing five or six deals out of our leads in just two years. The small investment that they were making with TLM turned into a HUGE success.