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Infographic technique – the Next thing you should try for your email campaigns.

Infographic technique – the Next thing you should try for your email campaigns.

March 27, 2019

Email Campaigns with Infographic Technique

Email is a very powerful tool for End to End Sales.

If used with proper content then this technique might fetch some good business.

People use textual format to convey the message to the prospect. But sometimes, it becomes really monotonous and prospect tend to ignore these kinds of emails. Email marketing does need some approach which can make email marketing a source of good leads.

Now what we should do to avoid this repetitive & monotonous approach?

At TLM, we use infographic technique to convey our message to the prospect in a creative manner. We try to entail our introductory message in an infographic so that prospect connects with us by looking at the infographic. This campaign will have a brief introduction, Infographic & call to action.

“Pictures are more appealing than Words”

Using less of text and more of infographic might make the campaign look more attractive. People like the glimpse of services/product in the email message. We should explain how the prospect is going to get benefitted from your services/product. It should also showcase the critical pain-points of the customer.

Infographic could be of any form. Some cool screenshots of your product or can be a flowchart of showing the flow of services for customers. It could be anything which gives the holistic view of services for the customer. Sometimes, people don’t use images because of the fear that they might get into the SPAM filter. Well, we don’t disagree with the fact that email might block but we are targeting those 70% people who would be opening the message. Let’s be true to ourselves that we shouldn’t be expecting 100% replies because it is just not possible. People tend to follow up with the textual version of the message but never get replies.

What we can try is just focus on that 70 % of people who would be replying to the infographic message and then out of that 70 %, we should expect at least 40% to reply.

Let’s agree that it’s a GOOD number wherein you have great responses from those 40% people. We can create a great pipeline from those 40% replies.

This is a way to get into prospect’s radar of vendors. Try it and let me know what all responses you get.

Happy Prospecting!

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