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Why Email Marketing Is Today More Important Than Ever for B2B Growth

Why Email Marketing Is Today More Important Than Ever for B2B Growth

March 21, 2021

B2B Growth with Email Marketing

Let’s face it, the B2B landscape today is not like that what it was a decade ago. From search engines to ads to social media, there is a whole lot more white noise out there, undermining your efforts to get your own messages across.

One channel, however, has still managed to retain its effectiveness in aiding business growth. Or, perhaps, in an age where personalization is becoming increasingly valued, may have grown even more relevant. This channel, of course, is email marketing. Continue reading this article to learn more about why email marketing today is more than ever for B2B growth.

Email Marketing ROI Beats That of Any B2B Channel

It is estimated that for every dollar you spent on email marketing, you get an ROI of $44. This easily beats the returns on any other marketing channel.
So why is that? Well, the primary reason has to do with the fact that an email will virtually always get seen by the intended target. In B2B, email accounts are guaranteed to be checked almost every day. And, even they aren’t, with smartphones now dominating, they may still get alerted of a new email through push notification.

Contrast this with a post on a social media platform. It is not just the white noise that harms your ability to get your message across, but the algorithms may actually limit how many of your total followers the post is made visible to.

In PPC, too, it has become hard to get messages across to your intended audience with the scene dominated by the biggest companies which have the money to outbid the rest for the most coveted targeted keywords.
Moving onto organic searches, it is either a hit or a miss. If your content gets favored by the search algorithms, you will plenty of reach for it.

However, with the majority of your content, with the competition so fierce these days, you’ll hardly be able to gather much organic traffic for them through search engines. And, with them making frequent new changes to their search criteria, optimizing your marketing strategy for the channels always remains an uphill battle.

Moreover, it should also be noted that sending emails can cost next to nothing, providing a very cheap means to reach and engage with a wide audience. For most businesses, their only costs associated with email marketing relate to software or services they employ for the purpose.

Email Provides the Best Platform for Conversational Marketing

Today’s B2B marketing is all about driving engagement and retaining customer loyalty, and the best means to do so a feedback-oriented conversational approach. It is also necessary for quickly and efficiently qualifying leads. In a sector where the usual sale cycle can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months, the last thing a business would want to do is go after leads that are very unlikely to convert.

Even more so than social media, email makes for an ideal platform to partake in conversational marketing, providing a means to engage a prospect or customer on a meaningful one-to-one basis, and by extension, make them feel more valued and appreciate your brand further.

Conversational-style emails can also be a valuable source for gaining insights. Customer responses and feedback allow you to become better informed about the market your business operates in. There is no inferring or guessing, your customers get to tell you in their own words what they want out of your business.

Customers Today Want a More Personalized Experience

Customers today, particularly in the B2B, expect their relationship with your business to highly relevant and personalized. According to a research report, 4 in 5 customers were more likely to consider making a purchase with a business if they were offered a more personalized experience.

As highlighted in an Evergage survey, even more than dynamic websites, email is the most potent marketing channel for providing a highly personalized experience to customers and prospects. And why wouldn’t it be? Being a venue for one-to-one engagement, it affords you an incredible degree of personalization, being able to tailor your content down to the individual target, promoting to them specifically what they want to see.

Naturally, this, in turn, can present a great upside in terms of sales. According to one estimate, sending personalized emails can shoot your revenue up by an astonishing 760%.

The Bottom line

Emails have and will remain an indispensable component of any business’s B2B marketing efforts, providing an easy, effective, and inexpensive means towards customer acquisition. If done correctly, email marketing not only helps businesses improve their sales but also helps gather invaluable data about their clients – data that may be critical to effective future decision-making.

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