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Short on BUDGET to keep a Full time Inside Sales Expert?

Short on BUDGET to keep a Full time Inside Sales Expert?

March 27, 2019

Here’s the important thing that everyone of us thinks about. Is it really affordable? Can we keep a full time Inside Sales Expert along with a Full time Sales guy?

Companies with some cool services/products struggles in finding the right business opportunities at the right time. We cannot blame anyone for this situation. According to us, It is the process that we are following to generate effective business.

It is always uncertain. Any sales professional is not a magician that he can bring business anytime. I guess for Sales professional, it is very important to have the right Inside Sales support. It is all about how many leads he has to work on.

Many Companies don’t invest a lot on their Inside Sales Support and go for a full time Sales Personnel. In a way it is the right approach. But let’s think about this process a bit. We’ll start with Contact Discovery activities to closure, there are lot of steps. If we have only person to do all these activities then I don’t think that he would be able to concentrate more on the closures. Instead, if we have an Inside Sales expert who would be taking care of all the Inside sales activities and working with the Sales personnel on the Follow up’s/ Closure then life for Sales People would be much more easy.

​This is a short term investment which will fetch good results in long run.

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