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How List Building & Maintenance would matter in LONG run?

How List Building & Maintenance would matter in LONG run?

March 27, 2019

List Building & Maintenance

List Building & Maintenance

It is a very right question to ask. We all know how much importance does a list holds in terms of Inside Sales activities.

Building & Maintenance are two different things which need proper supervision.

Identifying our Target Audience is one thing which everyone struggles in. Once we decide on Target Audience then to find the right contacts is also important. Email Address is also one important thing you will not find in any public forum. There are some techniques that you need to know to find out email addresses of people. Also, some techniques to validate weather it is true or not. Phone number is also very important field which we would like to have in our list. There are some of the tools where you can find phone numbers.

Maintenance is also one of the key activity which includes Cleanup, Revisiting Old Accounts, Marking Warm Prospects and Marking Unsubscribes etc. Sometimes we take these activities casually which results in annoying the prospects.

We have always stressed on one point is building & doing the maintenance in the right way. Objective should always be to achieve 95% data accuracy. Also, to achieve less than 5% bounce ratio keeps our domain reputation healthy as well.

We are talking about Critical Business decision makers who needs a steady follow up. For SaaS companies, sales cycle is pretty long and thus for them this process is very important.

We all know “Market Research is the Backbone of Sales”. So I think if we take care of all these small things, our purpose will be solved.

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