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Learn how an MSP franchise increased their annual revenue by making TLM their vendor for B2B lead generation and appointment setting

About Client

This case study is based on the experience of one of our clients: a MSP franchise based out of Orange County, CA with a network of nationwide franchisees. Their expertise is in managed IT services.

MSP Franchise Boosts Revenue with TLM B2B Lead Generation

Business Problem

  • The client is a managed service provider (MSP) franchise company with locations nationwide. They had previously used a number of vendors for email marketing and lead generation, but all were expensive programs that didn’t yield promising results. 
  • The owners of the franchisees were experts in the technology that they were offering, but they were struggling with finding leads. Many owners were relinquishing their franchise due to a lack of business. 
  • Some vendors they had previously used primarily relied on cold calling. They would set up the calls, but owners weren’t satisfied due to a lack of quality. They never had an option for choosing leads and which to pay for.
  • In addition, the clarity of email campaigns and the list of prospects the prior vendors were working from were not at all accessible to our client.

Our Plan

  • We started with one territory in Maryland. For this region, we planned out resources from contact discovery to lead identification. 
  • We decided to assign one team member to contact discovery and a couple additional dedicated resources for campaigning and lead identification. 
  • For prospecting, we narrowed our focus to local businesses with 10+ employees. Decision makers included the owners, presidents and directors of the target companies. 
  • For some target companies, we included office managers as well as they are typically responsible for IT requirements. 
  • This campaign was focused on the pain points the SMEs experienced with IT and how the client company’s expertise could help solve their problems. Our emails also always detailed next steps as we wanted prospects to take action after reading the email. 
  • Lead identifiers were trained to deliver neutral replies so that more and more prospects could be nurtured into the pipeline. 
  • The owner of our client company had shared availability with our team, allowing us to instantly schedule any call.


  • We generated 11 leads in the first month, and the owner was very pleased that he could close several deals from those first leads. 
  • Seven additional leads were generated in the second month, and the owner passed our contacts to other franchise owners at the company. 
  • We started the B2B lead generation program with another three to four franchise owners, and they found our results satisfactory for the investment they were making. 
  • They could also choose the leads that they wanted to pay for. They never had this option before with other vendors.
  • So now, they could solve a couple of problems. Not only were they able to better optimize their sales budget, but they also had more control over the lead generation process. 
  • The initial dialog was initiated by the client’s headquarters team, and we gradually added more franchise locations to our program. 
  • When we started with this company, they had 120+ locations. Now, they have 230+ locations nationwide. We are catering 100+ of these locations now at TLM, which is a great success story.
  • The owners of the franchises share with us what percentage of revenue goes into TLM and how much they are actually earning. 
  • On average, we are now generating three leads per month for this client.
  • This B2B lead generation and appointment setting program was made exclusively for this company.