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Learn how a managed IT services provider in NYC enhanced their multi-campaign strategy with TLM’s B2B lead generation and appointment setting program

About Client

The company is a managed services provider based in New York City with additional locations across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States.

B2B Qualified IT services in NYC

Business Problem

  • This client was looking to partner with a vendor that had experience generating leads for managed IT services in NYC. They had recently acquired a couple companies to strengthen their digital transformation capabilities and were looking to boost sales activity in that area as well
  • They previously invested around $500K in outbound outreach (i.e., cold calling, newsletters, and direct mail campaigns) as well. At that time, they were looking for a low-cost and highly effective lead generation agency.
  • Their key sales professionals were spread out across the country. As a result, they required parallel campaigns on managed IT and digital transformation services such as ServiceNow and others.

Our Plan

  • We initially met with the director of business development to better understand his expectations. Our plan was simple—we engaged two team members for contact discovery and assigned two others from a shared pool to execute campaigning and other support activities. Our B2B lead generation program was soon ready to deliver the client’s dream sales pipeline.
  • Our inside sales consulting work began with the assigned contact discovery team members who pulled data for managed IT and digital transformation services. We started with the local area and then slowly expanded to a larger radius around NYC. We were looking to primarily engage prospects in locations near the company’s office to save on logistics costs.
  • In designing the parallel campaigns, we decided to focus more on email content. We asked for an initial version from the client and then returned our version of the email. We focused primarily on the top and bottom parts of the emails. The opening should encourage prospects to read the email, and the closing should encourage them to take action.
  • This campaign included only three touch points per month.
  • The campaigning team executed two different email marketing campaigns. The client had asked us to schedule all leads on their calendar by using Zoom links they had provided.


  • In the first month, we generated two quality leads for managed IT services. The client was able to close one of these leads pretty quickly, which earned us great appreciation from their team.
  • We also ran two parallel campaigns and started bringing in an average of two leads per month per campaign. These campaigns mainly targeted businesses valued between $15M - $100M. The client was satisfied with the decent traction our campaigns were generating.
  • We are now actively working on three campaigns for this company and continue to bring them quality leads month after month.