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Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing

Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing

January 17, 2022

Why Invest In Email Marketing

Sending promotional emails has never gone out of style! A major reason the practice will continue is that your contact list can earn you some significant revenue. An email marketing campaign offers you that cogent experience where you don't need a third party to authenticate your product campaigns, such as with promotional content shared through Facebook and LinkedIn. There are always chances of these companies meddling with the Ads feature based on public demand and user requests. According to recent surveys, three-quarters of the 500 digital marketers interviewed confessed they use email marketing as a potential tool to boost business sales.

That's not the case for email marketing. The pool of contacts that you've earned remains intact until they unsubscribe.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is the simple process of sending promotional content over to a consumer through email. The promotional content could be an e-flyer, a brochure, or a poster that shares information or new updates about your business. These emails are equipped with clickable links. Clicking on the links directly leads to the seller's online landing pages. 

To monetize email marketing, you need a good number of contacts. These are people who have deliberately shared their email information with you to receive newsletters and commercial emails. While buying contact lists is also an option, it's the least recommended for new startups. When you're overseeing a new startup, finding authentic consumers for your product is a must for your business to grow in the right direction!  Online surveys suggest that around 43% of digital marketers are inclined toward pulling off exceptional email marketing campaigns to support their businesses.

Email marketing is an essential component of lead generation for tech companies. If you're helming a budding tech company, get in touch with sales services to help you with contact discovery and email marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

Here are some more reasons why you should invest in email marketing.

Builds Brand Rapport

Would you be interested in replying to an email that doesn't concern you? You'd trash it just looking at the subject line. That's exactly what you don't want for your business. Your incredible business idea deserves consumer respect and continued trust. A US promo-email likeability survey indicated that around 75% of respondents appreciated monthly promotional emails from the brands they liked. Around 46% of respondents favored promotional emails from eateries once a week.

Email Marketing Helps Nurture Leads

Any effective sales campaign must be audience-centric! Conversions through emails are three times higher than on Facebook and Twitter. Once you receive good results for your promotional campaigns, you'll be able to come up with more creative working patterns to attract your audiences. Lead nurturing is a part of the sales cycle. A lead is nurtured through systemic correspondence with a potential customer in the process. Experts opine that the best route to nurture leads is email marketing.

Email Marketing Increases Consumer Trust

To have a lasting relationship with your consumer, you need an efficient, reliable, and secure tool for correspondence. Email marketing helps you sustain ties with your customers without fearing third-party intervention or policy change. Even in peak business seasons, all you need to do is forward a well-constructed, easy-to-read email to ensure your customers are around the corner in terms of customer care. 

Emails are Android- and iOS-Friendly!

Email marketing guarantees you increased access! That's probably the best part about it. You now have your mailboxes on your phones and smartwatches. Marketing and sales consultants insist that mobile-friendly emails create a lot of buzz in the market. These are precise emails designed to suit the formatting and the phone's size. Through increased accessibility, you can receive many calls after sharing simple service flyers and informational brochures.

Helps Streamline Your Business

When you know the promo content is reaching the right consumer, your business model becomes more streamlined as per the queries raised and customer feedback offered during email interaction. Besides, a sober email template would be perfect for almost all types of businesses and clients. You can always add your logo and colors to synchronize the template with the brand.

Immediate Results

Unlike SEO and SEM marketing campaigns, where the results can take around three months to render effect, it isn't the same for email marketing. The results are spontaneous and offer immediate lead nurturing opportunities. Email marketing campaigns can be formed through an inside sales team without any travel expenses or additional budgeting. It makes email marketing a highly effective tool for small- and medium-scaled businesses. 

Scheduling Campaigns

You don't have to send out the promo email as soon as it's written. Scheduling is a great tool that allows you to email consumers during specific sales seasons. You can always use templates from your draft box for newer offers at your B2B business.

Have a sales services consultant work with you to cleanse your email listings and help your B2B business with lead generation, appointment setting, and email marketing. With over ten years of experience, the service will generate great leads for businesses located across the globe.

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