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Why do you need STRONG & RIGHT Inside Sales Support?

Why do you need STRONG & RIGHT Inside Sales Support?

March 27, 2019

Inside Sales Support

Inside Sales Support

Inside Sales Support has evolved as an important function in IT Companies. It gives you an extra advantage of being aware of the possible opportunities in the market. It is considered as a preliminary step which happens in every Sales team.

Right Approach to Inside sales

To achieve the right Inside Sales support, you really need to have the right set of people with right Business development expertise. It’s not always cold calling the prospect and pulling him for a meeting. According to The Lead Market, Inside Sales Support is a process oriented function. It includes various steps to grab the prospect’s attention. Cold calling is not the only thing through which we can initiate the sales process.

If we fail at the initial stage then, later on, it becomes really difficult for Sales Professional to build some pipeline. So we think that the starting should happen correctly. Lead Generation is a very Creative process and we think it can be done achieved if it is done the RIGHT way. For example, It will be very rare that your prospect would answer your Cold call.

There are lots of factors which affect the Lead Generation process be it Time, Day, Email Content, Email Banners, Follow up the schedule, Unsubscribe Maintenance etc.

Inside Sales practices extensively includes Cold Calling but according to us it is not the right way to do it. We really want to keep our prospects less annoyed because we cannot deny this fact that they will receive a lot of emails & calls from a lot of companies as they are the decision makers. Prospects do respect the message & timely follow up and thus Follow up schedule is equally important.

We think Inside Sales Support suppose to open the Door of Business Opportunity and not to close the door permanently by doing continuous calls. We all know very well that how Sales keeping us always in a High-Pressure situation. A Right Inside Sales Support would put us a step forward with respect to our competitors.

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