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What difference would a Inside Sales Expert will make in my current Sales Process?

What difference would a Inside Sales Expert will make in my current Sales Process?

March 27, 2019

Inside Sales Expert

This question would pop on every Sales person’s mind who is doing fine with his prospects that

why do I need an Inside Sales expert?

It’s a number game –

Let’s just imagine the world without Inside Sales Services. Sales People love to have a lot of leads but without Inside Sales guy it will always be a nice & sweet dream. Let’s just face it, Sales People are really busy people and you can’t expect them to do the calling, attend the lead calls & keeping a track of follow up’s at the same time. So it is always important to have someone who can do all the activities and provide enough ground for the Sales People. If we talk numbers, they are kind of 3-4 leads from which we can make that one lead sign up with you.

Another scenario could be Prospect Research –

Sometimes we get to a very quick lead call and we don’t have time to prepare for it, eventually, we mess up the opportunity. Opportunity doesn’t come by just knocking the door. It would always be sudden. You might get time to prepare or you might not get.

So the prospect research which is a very important thing to have would be missing from your pre-meeting notes. Now imagine, you have a lead call and you can pass it on to the Inside Sales guy and ask him to give you a prospect research. Life would be very simple to handle sales. You can concentrate more on driving the sales, rather than just doing the pre-meeting activities.

Let’s just take a basic scenario wherein –

A Salesperson can’t afford to keep his phone aside as there could be some possible opportunity ringing. So, to keep a track on this we can always have someone for it. Inside sales expert can take the messages and can make some inquiry into a hot prospect for a salesperson.

To sum these above important points we can say that Sales word itself comes with a tag “Pressure”. So my question is why to add “Extra Pressure” to the “Pressure”.

We can only ask the stakeholders that Let’s make the life simple for our brilliant and smart Salespeople. Let’s have someone to support them. Let’s have an Inside Sales Expert. They do make the difference.

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