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Three Pillars for planning effective Inside Sales!

Three Pillars for planning effective Inside Sales!

March 27, 2019

Inside Sales

Inside Sales to get some effective leads.

As we all aware that there are lots of companies who are moving to Inside Sales to get some effective leads. Sales Directors started investing in their new Inside Sales Representatives Offsite. It is an amazing and effective approach by companies.

But when we look at establishing a sales process in the company, there are too many challenges. First is to get a person who can drive the team and who can set up the appointment. It is very critical. Once we have people to handle Inside Sales, we go out to the market with our introductory email and probably look for getting some leads for the company.

To ensure proper execution of Sales Support Activities, there are three pillars which we should all consider –

1. Lead Generation
2. Lead Management
3. Closures

To start over the process, Lead Generation would be the first step. Maybe we can aim for 4 leads per months and ensure that we are gradually increasing it. It is very important to have some system which will keep on pumping the leads in the pipeline. One has to lead by example and keep the lead engine running.

After keeping the lead engine busy with all the leads possible, the person can move into managing the leads and should assist the Management team in setting up follow up discussions. The Inside Sales Representative would also act as a Bridge between the Team and the prospect.

In other words, we can also say that he is the only one who can keep the discussion alive.

The closure is one thing which is out of Salesperson’s hand. We can give our 100% to win the deal but eventually, it would rely on the prospect to select the vendor. Once we have identified our Cold, Warm and HOT prospects.

It would be easy to follow up with prospects and now the Inside Sales Expert can move into Assisting with Closure. It is a great feeling when clients can be closed from Offsite because, at that particular time, we know that we have established the successful Inside Sales Team. Also, we can focus more on scaling things up.

Happy business Hunting Guys!

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