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MSP Sales Funnel - Discover the Top 8 MSP Lead Generation Strategies

MSP Sales Funnel - Discover the Top 8 MSP Lead Generation Strategies

May 6, 2022

MSP Lead Generation

Here's a quick rundown of some top 8 MSP lead generation ideas for qualified leads by top lead gen consultants. Lead generation is essential for marketers and the businesses they want to grow. Increasing leads for MSPs means boosting brand awareness as well as interest in their services by nurturing curious prospects via the marketing funnel into the sales pipeline. 

People often understand the reasons behind MSP lead generation being a concept so deserving of their attention. They can see its long-term benefits and the opportunities it provides to scale and grow their business. If done properly, lead generation strategies help create robust relationships with qualified consumers who are likely to invest in your business extensively. 

However, they're often unsure how to get the MSP leads generation started. Keep reading to learn all about some of the most highly effective MSP lead generation strategies to optimize your efforts to attract and convert qualified prospective customers. 

But First, What Exactly Does MSP Lead Generation Entail? 

At its core, Managed Service provider leads generation refers to the process of attracting as many qualified leads as possible directly to your MSP. It isn't about casting the broadest net for your larger marketing efforts but about forming the most precise net while ensuring the marketing efforts are always geared towards those who line up with the definition of your ideal customer. Now let's look at a few MSP leads generation ideas to help you grow your revenue and acquire more customers through online channels. 

#1 Custom Branded Website 

It's quite tempting to snag a basic themed website that's roughly a similar color as your logo and put generic content together. However, the ROI of your marketing investments is likely to suffer consequences. Online lead generation is highly competitive, so you'll need to distinguish yourself with a custom branded site to stand out from the crowd. When you spend a fortune per month on pay-per-lead marketing to bring qualified traffic to the website, you'd want to make a strong effort to convert the visitors into prospects.

#2 Phone Number Button as the Primary CTA 

MSPs often lack the understanding of how important mobile is when it comes to qualified online lead generation. Statistics have shown mobile traffic accounts for over 57% of visits on the internet these days. The easiest way to convert on mobile includes clicking on a phone number CTA button. When the button is above the fold and combined with an appealing headline, it drastically increases the chances for the visitors to convert impulsively and call the MSP after landing.

#3 Create an Exit-Intent Offer Presented Via Pop-ups 

If someone isn't willing to contact the business on the first visit, this doesn't mean they aren't willing to be added to the email list in exchange for useful content download. The technique offers 'gated content' with great success in building an email list of qualified prospects. Yes, even MSPs can use creative lead generation ideas by offering things like guides for IT buyers, questions to ask MSPs, and other content as exit-intent offers in exchange for their email addresses for further lead nurturing. 

#4 Contextual Offer Slides

Exit-intent pop-ups are beneficial but more general in nature. MSPs can use slide-in offers that are more contextual to the content the visitor is browsing to present gated content offers to them for lead generation. While different timing intervals work for each business, an average of 90 seconds after the visitor lands is a good time. When visitors stay on the page for 90 seconds, it's a good signal that the content resonates with them, and they're reading it thoroughly. This presents the ideal opportunity to show them the content upsell in exchange for the email address.

#5 The Riches are in the Niches 

To find true success, MSPs must have their content and landing page focused on specific consumer profiles. Narrowing down the landing pages and content to resonate with specific buyers in mind will considerably increase the conversation rates for those buyers. If you want to convey a message about healthcare IT, create tailored offers and pages for IT services for healthcare businesses. You can mention useful software products leveraged by the particular vertical to increase traffic quality and lead volume to those pages. 

#6 Host Events

Lead generation strategies can occur offline and online. Hosting online or in-person events are great for attracting and serving your target market while capturing their contact details through the event registration process. Live events provide great opportunities to connect with the audience in real-time to learn about your audience, respond to objections, answer questions, or actively guide prospects via the sales funnel. Conferences, webinars, seminars, meetups, workshops, there are several events you can host to achieve your goals. 

#7 Optimize Social Profiles to Promote the Lead Magnet

If you have a valuable lead magnet, ensure your social followers are well-aware of it. Highlight it on the social platforms to make users engage with you, view the offer, and take the next step towards working with you. Your lead magnet can be promoted in her images across the profile pages. 

Moreover, leverage CTA buttons by adding links to the lead magnet instead of just driving users to the homepage. You can use paid social ads as one of the strategies for lead generation. Leverage Instagram's and Facebook's powerful targeting tools to show ads to people who will most likely be interested in your brand's services or product offerings. You can target people on micro and macro levels using demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation. This helps connect to a very specific target audience. 

#8 Retarget Visitors That Have Engaged with Your brand in the Past 

If prospects didn't convert during the first interaction with your business, don't lose faith. Use retargeting strategies to reconnect with the audiences who might have engaged with your brand in the past but didn't convert. Retargeting allows showing ads to people who might have engaged with your brand's social pages or websites. Sometimes, customers want to see the brand a few times before converting. Thus, retargeting proves to be a great way to continue guiding customers down the MSP sales funnel.

Generating quality online leads isn't easy, but it's very doable. The rewards offered by successful inbound marketing are immense. Let experts at The Lead Market, a lead gen consultant agency based in Nagpur, India, handle your MSP leads generation goals. 

We offer high-quality lead gen services, email list cleaning and verification, BSB email marketing services, B2B appointment setting, contact discovery services, pay-per-lead services, inside sales consulting services, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

TLM is currently branched out across America, Asia, and Australia but aims to expand further worldwide. TLM can take care of your business's market segmentation as we offer high-quality services with accountability, quality, care, and integrity. 

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