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Manual Marketing Work Still Matters, Even When You Use Automation Tools

Manual Marketing Work Still Matters, Even When You Use Automation Tools

December 27, 2019

Manual Email Marketing v/s Email Automation

The more things change, the more they can stay the same. Every generation thinks that the next one will be the one to end the world. From the Rock N Roll generation to Millennials, older generations fear that younger ones are ruining society.

This always comes along with a big dosage of fear of technology. For as long as machines have existed, people have feared their takeover in life and especially in the workplace. But a closer look tells a completely different story. While automation will eliminate certain jobs and tasks, it will create whole new areas in its place. As the transition happens, finding our footing in the new landscape may take some time for some people. It is important to keep an agile mindset that will allow you to adapt as the business world adds more and more technology into the fold.

Manual Versus Automated

Throughout history, there are countless examples of automated tasks replacing manual ones. One of the most notable may be the computer in the workplace. At one-point, offices were stock full of receptionists who were tasked with notating and filing everything in the workplace. After the invention of the computer, these jobs became automated. In their place sprung an entire industry known as information technology. Where computers replaced old jobs, they replaced them with new ones to fix and maintain those computers. In fact, IT jobs are some of the best and most sought-after ones today.

Where Automation Comes Up Short

Automation is great and is vital to streamlining repetitive tasks which allows humans to tackle more complex jobs that require more thinking, creativity, and emotion. One industry that is seeing a lot of automation currently, is the world of digital marketing.

If you are at all familiar with the Google Ads platform, then you are aware of just how much automation is becoming a major factor. Google has rolled out automated bidding strategies, auto applied ads, and responsive ads that will mix and match headlines and descriptions for optimal results. Marketers everywhere are wondering, what will be left for us? Many even, are resisting and not taking advantage of these automation tools.

The point that they are missing is that automation cannot do it all. Digital marketers are still useful in coming up with ad creative, ad copy, targeting, and interpreting the data. It is there job to use these tools and work along with the Google Ad recommendations to effectively run their campaigns. They should switch their focus to creative tasks and data analysis and let Google handle the mundane tasks like setting bids. These automation tools are designed to make you job easier with better results, not to eliminate your role.

How Manual Work Saves the Day

This switch in thought process shows how manual work is still important and works along with automation. We now see more data analysis related positions across the business and marketing world. Data analysts are some of the most in demand jobs in the world and this is where manual work can make its impact. We are now working with larger data sets than we ever have before. It’s honestly becoming too much to manually handle all on our own. Automation works to help us analyse and make sense of all of this data so that we can make better educated business decisions.

Automation also makes online marketing easier which gives marketers more time for traditional marketing tasks, email marketing, and other various marketing activities.

The world is changing, and the technology revolution has drastically altered the way business is done over the last several decades. Automation can be scary for some, but a closer analysis shows that it is a tool for us to work with, not an end to our relevance. Learning how to partner with automation tools will actually make you a better employee and create more job security for you. Manual work still matters as long as you are working to make automation work for you.

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