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Lead Generation Strategies for B2B SaaS Startups

Lead Generation Strategies for B2B SaaS Startups

May 23, 2022

Lead Generation tips for B2B SaaS Startups

As a budding B2B SaaS company, attracting potential buyers is not only a need. It's a challenge! Most SaaS businesses position themselves according to the customer's needs and build gradually through customer feedback. A major factor in a SaaS company's success is its prediction for future returns on investment. The math helps the business decide its current investment in product development, number of employees, etc. 

A SaaS company's sales team focuses on retaining current customers and acquiring new customers. Software-as-a-Service companies sell software that doesn't come cheap. This calls for a SaaS sales team to be extra careful about customer service and care. 

A SaaS sale is much different from any other company's sales. Software is more than a product.

Plus, the software's mechanics are controlled by a third-party vendor. It's an encrypted, secured medium updated by a third-party source. The SaaS business model is still relatively new. In 2021, there were around 25,000 SaaS companies globally. In 2019, SaaS revenues exceeded 100 billion dollars worldwide.

As a new SaaS company, lead generation to improve sales is the best in-budget targeted effort you can make to improve revenue and boost sales. Lead generation for IT and B2B SaaS companies requires sales service consultants for full-fledged sales campaigns.   

Here are some strategies for B2B SaaS startups.

Offer Short Term Product Trials

One of the most used techniques to draw customers is to offer them free product trials. After all, who doesn't love a freebie? Depending on the software, you can offer customers a freemium model or a pass-on free trial. The pass-on free trial makes a trial user pass on the trial to other users in their contact list. Many SaaS companies offer free trials on limited features for a limited duration. A 7-day free-trial offer is a good move to hook new consumers. 

Research published by the Harvard Business Review found free trials most effective for experience goods like software. They should target "customers of medium to high usage". The study was quick to add that the free-trials sales campaign works for customers who have previous exposure to a similar product or the features the product offers.

Engage in Email Marketing to Maximize Buyer-Seller Interaction

Whenever a user feeds their information within a service's email list, the service becomes eligible to send newsletters, promotional emails, week reviews, and service upgrade brochures to you via email. The "Subscribe to the Newsletter" option on some websites works the same way. Using commercial emails to keep a prospective buyer informed about your services falls under email marketing.

There's no better way to gain new customers than through email marketing as a new startup.

It's Affordable!

Email marketing helps you connect with thousands of online users without spending a single penny! However, your marketing and sales team has to design content that is catchy, attractive, and engaging. Most quality commercial emails come with great graphics and highlight new features to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Email Marketing Guarantees a High ROI

As per collected data, a $1 investment in email marketing for lead generation offers around $40 as an investment return. The return on investment makes email marketing a feasible option for most SaaS startups. The generally accepted ROI ratio for SaaS products is 40:1. 

Don't have a marketing team for your startup as yet? Initiate your sales project with attainable bi-monthly sales targets! Contact email marketing services work to help you with lead generation.

Offer Product Demos

The catchword here is "tangible proof". Product demonstrations prove your products' features, functions, and advantages. They work well for new leads and prospective consumers. Product demos help familiarize consumers with product features without much wordiness. Instead of

just talking about your product, you can help the user explore its many features through well-structured online demos. 

Make sure you incorporate a simple sign-up form on your website before offering your services. The information that a customer provides is the lead you need to stay in contact with the customer. Hire a sales service consultant to manage lead nurturing for your SaaS startup.

Begin Guest Blogging

Incredible content sits at the heart of lead generation. You need to work on its dissemination to generate quality leads. The process involves posting promotional content, for example, blogs, infographics, listicles, and articles on authentic websites to ensure maximum user engagement. When you have a consumer redirected to your website, you can give them subscribe/sign-up and login options to have them add their data to your email list. 

The next step is to nurture the lead and follow it up periodically. DO NOT make a service or product offer now. Help your consumers understand why they need your services. Pitching an offer at this early stage can put your customers off.

Keep Working on Lead Conversions

Lead conversion is what gets your SaaS startup sales and revenue. Be on your toes when it comes to optimizing lead conversions. Keep finding ways you can improve your lead generation. Even a simple change such as a change in the color or presentation of an icon can impact lead generation. The best you can do is continue looking for better ways a high-end SaaS startup can do better in its relevant company.

If you're struggling with lead generation and appointment setting, hire experienced professionals at The Lead Market. With b2b lead generation, the service also offers contact discovery and inside sales consultancy for B2B businesses. Call them now!

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