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Lead Generation: A Guide to Boost Sales

Lead Generation: A Guide to Boost Sales

July 14, 2022

Lead generation

The latter is focused on identifying, creating, and enhancing the awareness and attractiveness of a brand’s product or service. Lead gen is a lengthy, complex process of getting a prospective client into the sales funnel.

Leads play a critical role in a business’s growth and continued success. Without strong leads, a business cannot thrive in today’s competitive landscape. The leads need to have a high LTV, i.e., Lifetime Value. Since modern customers have many substitutes and alternatives available in the market, brands need to create and implement a very luring b2b lead generation strategy.

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Lead Generation Types

A result-driven lead generation strategy consists of several stages highly dependent on every unique B2B business model. Typically, there are two types of lead generation activities.

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation is all about identifying a prospect’s pain points and delivering them exactly what they want to read or hear. This type of lead generation mostly revolves around content creation.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is a more common and well-known way of attracting customers and clients. It’s done through outreach, meaning that businesses assign a sales team to create contact lists and reach out to prospects via phone calls, social media, emails, and in-person visits. In the current digital era, virtual lead generation has become very popular.

For outbound lead generation, businesses need to develop an accurate ICP, i.e., an Ideal Customer Profile. This allows them to understand their target audience's likes, dislikes, and needs.

Steps to a Successful Lead Generation Process

Want to curate a perfect and result-driven lead generation strategy? Follow the steps mentioned below:

⦁ Score a Lead

Lead scoring is the first step in any type of lead generation process. It’s a qualitative and analytical first stage, in which sales experts need to benchmark every lead using numbers. The ICP plays an integral role in this step.

This stage basically allows a business’s sales departments to identify the most valuable leads. As a result, they can categorize all the contacts based on their rating. In business lingo, a lead that requires less action for conversion should be on the high priority list.

⦁ Qualifying Leads

After you’ve scored all the lead contacts based on their importance, it’s time to turn them into qualified leads. Here, you may want to create a buyer’s persona that tells you about a potential lead’s buyer journey.

A scored lead goes through several stages before becoming a qualified lead:

⦁ A scored lead is first converted into an engaged marketing lead.

⦁ When an engaged marketing lead demonstrates behavior, it’s time for the sales team to step in.

⦁ The sales team converts the stated into a sales-generated lead. And if the prospect is successfully converted, it becomes a sales accepted lead.

⦁ Finally, a sales accepted lead is termed a qualified sales lead once it has been associated with a potential sales opportunity.

⦁ Create Campaigns

Reports show that more than 75% of internet users don’t go beyond the first page of Google. It means that creating effective lead gen campaigns requires high SERP. For B2B businesses, the best types of campaigns include content syndication, trade shows, and display campaigns.

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