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What are the Abstract Marketing Ideas for B2B Lead Generation?

What are the Abstract Marketing Ideas for B2B Lead Generation?

April 20, 2022

Abstract Marketing

Are you finding it challenging to get more leads into your sales pipeline? You're not alone. HubSpot revealed that around 63% of marketers agree that traffic plus lead generation is one of their top challenges. 

Marketers worldwide employ different B2B lead generation ideas to nurture their conversions. However, this requires lots of trials and errors to see what works best. The methods that will be used highly depend on the target audience and their 

B2B marketers using blogging are seeing 68% more leads than those who don't. The ones adding videos on the landing pages witness as much as a 78% surge in conversions. Statistics reveal it has led to over 89% of B2B marketers utilizing content marketing. However, remember what works for one brand might not work for others.

The key lies in finding the best B2B lead generation strategies that suit your business. Experts at TLM have put together a list of some abstract lead generation ideas B2Bs can try to see which one, or the combination, helps see the desired results.

#1 Exit-Intent Pop-up Forms

Sometimes, visitors leave a website before converting. Using exit-intent pop-ups is an excellent way to get their information before leaving. The pop-ups will appear every time a visitor is about to click away from the window. It helps entice them to share their info before they go. You can offer things like discount codes or free downloads in exchange for their email address, name, and other details.

#2 Make it Easier to Book Demos

Many B2B buyers lose their precious time researching before making a decision. Try everything you can to reduce friction and stand out to your leads. Make it easier for leads to work with you, and this starts with the very first interaction. According to Lead Forensics, the classic web form strategy works well for inbound lead generation. You need to think about how quickly someone books a demo once they fill out the form. Whatever you find out, you need to be faster. It's a race to convert!

#3 Create Compelling Content

Knowing your audience is an important first step toward creating interest-worthy content. Work on customer personas and profiles before starting. Create the content they want based on keywords they are already searching for. However, it would take more than a well-written blog to pull them in. Consider what your buyer is seeking to make their job easier. What content can you provide them that inspires them to gladly share their contact information? 

Make it irresistible and relevant to your business and them, too. Blogging, press releases, guest articles, and long-form digital content typically work best as it helps the audience make decisions. How-to, buying guides, infographics, memes, tutorials, and listicles offer valuable insights and help build interest in your brand, allowing readers to deem it as an industry expert. Your focus should be on driving engagement and appealing to search engines and users alike.

#4 Test Everything

A/B testing is important. Period. No marketer worth their salt would stick to a single landing page with one CTA for all their leads. However, this isn't about split testing. This tip is rather to encourage you to split test everything, even the bits you might think aren't worth it. Swap the font of your CTA message or try a different colored button—reformat, recolor, and resize everything. Try and test everything until you find the right combination. Create sticky bars, pop-ups, and landing pages to test them all easily with a landing page platform. You'd be surprised to see what makes a difference in the CTR and demo requests.

#5 Join the Social Media Conversations

If you're looking to borrow from the B2C playbook, their social media strategy might be a good place to start. Social media platforms are an excellent way to connect directly with prospects, fans, and leads. More than ever today, B2B and B2C consumers are demanding a better customer experience from brands. 

Did you know more than 53% of decision-makers frequently use LinkedIn to vet businesses? This means that maintaining a robust business profile with helpful posts can help establish your business as a thought leader. The key is knowing your target audience and using the platform for more than just promotions. Develop segments for the personas you're targeting to create offers and messages that resonate with each. Use social media to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty with your audience. This might entice visitors to eventually convert into leads and loyal buyers.

#6 Remarket and Retarget Site Visitors

There's an enormous benefit in PPC and pay-per-lead marketing. You get at the top of the search results, frequently leading to clicks. However, if it doesn't, it works like display advertising. It helps stay at the top of the mind for leads and prospects. If a person browses through your products and places them in the cart, they can be considered qualified leads. You can use an ad retargeting strategy to bring these leads back to provide their information or complete the purchase. 

If a visitor views a product but leaves, your advertisement for that same product will show up throughout the website. You can offer unique discount codes to get them to return to complete their purchase. As far as remarketing is concerned, you can use creative and personalized email marketing to remind the once-warm leads that may have cooled down a bit that your brand is still the hottest thing in town.

#7 Host and Attend Events to Expand Networks

The pandemic led to more and more companies switching to creative alternates, such as hosting online events and webinars, to attract leads and expand their networks. Take advantage of the trend by attending or hosting industry-relevant events to build a network with the attendees. Live video events and webinars are a great way of increasing engagement by turning them into expert interviews, Q&A sessions, or product demos. These can then be repurposed into blog content and social media posts. Podcasts are also a smart move, considering over 53 million households are casual business podcasts fans. The key is to offer high-value but entertaining B2B podcasts to create conservations and turn listeners into leads by adding creative CTAs throughout the podcast episodes.

#8 Personalize Email Campaigns

Most consumers today prefer personalized content from brands. Email segmentation works perfectly to help brands drive leads. Lead scoring and insights help identify the target audience, the best time to target, and the content that would work best to create personalized experiences that would trigger them to convert. Email automation helps drive traffic to any business with minimal effort. Just set up segments, write the email, and choose activities triggers to identify when they send. For instance, emailing with a discount code could help them return to the abandoned cart to complete the purchase, or one with a promotional offer could make the lead browse the product page.

Start Building a Robust B2B Lead Generation Strategy That Converts

The growth of your B2B business relies on having a solid Abstract Marketing ideas for lead generation strategy. We understand that there are many different marketing ideas for qualified leads generation, making it difficult to choose the best ones that might suit your business. This is why you should leave lead generation campaign designing to the experts! 

You can try the qualified lead generation serviceThe Lead Market. It is a well-known lead generation company rooted in Nagpur, India, but branched out across America, Asia, and Australia and aims to expand further worldwide.

As lead gen consultants, we can take care of your business's market segmentation as we offer top-of-the-line inside sales consultancy services, qualified appointment setting services, list cleansing services, pay-per-lead marketing, B2B lead generation, and contact discovery services, and sales consulting services. Connect with us to start your campaign today!

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