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A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Discovery and B2B List Building

A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Discovery and B2B List Building

February 9, 2022

Contact Discovery and B2B List Building

Are you looking for a potential lead for your business? Are you struggling to secure the right leads? Well, a B2B list can help! A B2B list is a significant weapon every business needs to leverage. A B2B list holds information of potential leads to contact and pursue. If you're unfamiliar with B2B list building and contact discovery, don’t worry, we can help!

We’ve prepared an extensive guide about B2B list building and contact discovery.

What is Contact Discovery and B2B List Building?

B2B list building is the process of creating a list of contacts to generate leads. Most businesses often struggle with finding the right contacts to get in touch with for lead generation as it can eventually lead to sales. That’s exactly where B2B list building comes into play.

B2B list building is crucial for every business since it narrows down the list of prospects by offering contact information about relevant and potential leads. Moreover, B2B list building offers businesses a clear target and contact for leads.

Contact discovery is a significant part of the B2B list building since contact discovery can help optimize sales and marketing efforts by allowing the team to focus on valuable leads, saving time and resources.

Why Do You Need a B2B List?

If you’re considering acquiring new leads for increased sales or revenue, you'll need a B2B list for maximum lists. A B2B list usually comprises of customers interested in your products or services, and their respective contact information. A B2B list consists of:

·        Full Name

·        Valid Email Address

·        Profile URL

·        Location

·        Company Name

·        Company URL

Moreover, the list can include additional information about the contacts to effectively reach out to them.

How to Build a B2B List?

If you're wondering how to create a B2B list, you're in the right place! Let’s dive deeper into B2B list building.

Determine Who Your Ideal Client Is

Before jumping right into B2B list building, you need to determine the target audience or the ideal customer for your product or services. A common mistake most businesses make is wasting time and resources on uninterested leads hoping they’d convert into customer. But that’s just missing out on potential leads.

By determining who your ideal client is, you can save your time and efforts and put in efforts where customers are genuinely interested or where there’s potential to convert.

But how do you determine your ideal client? The answer is simple! You need to find out the ideal client based on your services or products. For instance, if your offer health products, your targeted audience would be companies interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the ideal client would need your product or service the most; someone who'd find it impossible to resist your services.

Moreover, you can also have your team sit down and determine common characters your customers need to possess. Here are some questions that could help your thought process:

·        What industries are your customers from?

·        How large are their companies?

·        What are your customers’ job functions and roles?

·        What are the challenges that they face in their jobs?

·        What are their KPIs and responsibilities?

Identify the Targeted Companies and Decision Makers

Once you figure out your ideal customer, the process become easier. How? Well, after determining what customers are likely to convert and the company they’re likely to work in, you can shift the focus on what companies to narrow down.

For instance, if you sell fashion products, you need to target fashion companies or even boutiques. In simpler words, you need to start looking for companies that would be interested in your services or products. After narrowing that list down, you can move on to the next step.

You obviously can't contact a company without any contact information, right? So start with identifying the company's decision-makers or department heads, as you want to get in touch with them first.

Browse the Web for Your Leads’ Contact Details

After identifying the prospect businesses and their decisions makers, we move on to the next step —researching. Now, we're not going to sugarcoat it but this step can be exhausting. Searching for potential leads’ contact details can be draining. However, browsing the web can make it easy for you. You can check out their social media profiles, their company's website, interviews and LinkedIn profiles, and the press releases they've published to obtain valuable contact information.

Validate Contact Details

Sure, the internet is a valuable asset, but not all the information there is accurate. Research suggests 36%of B2B sales and marketing databases tend to expire every year, increasing the chances of invalid information. These statistics indicate that there's a chance you might've found invalid contact information over the internet. Considering this fact, it’s significant to validate these contact details before putting them on your list since wrong information will waste your time and slow the process down. Unfortunately, validating these contacts is a challenging task and will take up way too much time. You'll need to call or contact those clients to identify if they're valid.

However, there’s one option you can opt for to avoid such hassles—B2B contact discovery services. As mentioned above, contact discovery helps you find influential and valuable contacts to put on your B2B list, increasing the chances of sales significantly. B2B contact discovery services offer valid contacts and their information, saving you the trouble of list building.  

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