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6 Convincing Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing

6 Convincing Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing

November 20, 2020

6 Reasons To Outsource Your Email Marketing

Compared to any other marketing channel, email marketing has shown to drive the highest conversion rates; featuring a staggering 3800% ROI on each dollar spent. However, in spite of the potency of the channel, a lot of businesses have found it difficult to achieve the desired results from their email campaigns.

Often, the main culprit behind this has been business reluctance to outsource the task to a specialized agency, instead choosing to grind away at it in-house with a hired team lacking the resources or experience to conduct email marketing successfully. If it needs any further convincing, here are 6 compelling reasons to outsource email marketing.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

You might think that having an in-house team might be more economical, but in actuality, it only ends up costing you more while presenting you with much worse results. Building a successful in-house team requires a significant operating cost on your side.

Talented marketers don’t come cheap, but aside from salaries, you will also need to pay subscriptions for the tools and software they will use as well as their continuous training to ensure they remain up to date with the best practices. And then there is also the economic cost to contend with in regards to successful employee onboarding.

On the other hand, hiring the services of an experienced specialized agency will cost you a fraction of that amount all the while you’ll benefit from far greater returns than otherwise.

2. Increased Productivity

Even if you have had hired talented marketers in-house and are willing to bear the added cost, their level of productivity simply won’t match that of their equally competent counterparts working at a marketing agency. Why? It is because productivity is part skill and part incentives. No matter how skilled an employee you onboard, if they don’t have enough incentives to be productive, they won’t be.

Building incentives takes more than offering performance-based perks and pay increases, it requires changes in the work culture and environment, which, in already well-established businesses, might be difficult to do. Marketing agencies that have been in the business for years have been so because their specialization, work culture, and environment permit high levels of productivity in the trade. Furthermore, since the very survival of the agency is tied to them being able to meet or exceed client expectations, everyone from the junior most staff to the highest executive has an incentive to maximize value.

3. Consistent Outcomes

Having spent years in the industry, email marketing agencies, from experience, have come to better understand what works and what doesn’t. Refined through the test of time, their established systems and methods allow them to greatly shorten email production time, reduce chances of mistakes happening, and provide consistent positive outcomes.

In contrast, building an email marketing team from scratch means first going through a period of inconsistency, and relative chaos as the employees learn the ropes and slowly start to establish a more streamlined and defined work structure.

Of course, that comes with the assumption that the said employees are allowed to completely delegate their focus on email marketing. In reality, other competing areas of your business may still require their attention or may not have enough resources at their disposal to provide optimal and consistent results from their efforts.

4. Improve Conversions

Effective email interaction is not something that one can master solely by reading Neil Patel’s blogs and doing a few HubSpot courses. Sure, the ‘simple’ email campaigns crafted by an expert email marketer may make the process look easy but behind that simplicity is years of accumulated experience on what works and what doesn’t, when it works, and for what segment of the audience.

Hiring the service of an experienced email marketing agency is better for conversion rather than attempting to doing it yourself. From email design to CTA placements to campaign execution, they know exactly what to do to bring you more conversions.

5. Better Deliverability

The thousands of well-crafted emails that you may have sent – exactly how many of them actually landed inside the intended recipients’ inbox and not their spam or having been filtered out completely? If you have no means of reliably answering that question, then most likely most of your emails could be suffering poor deliverability.

As the technology for email filtering continues to advance, and ISP requirements increasingly become more stringent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve optimal delivery rates using an in-house email marketing team.

Specialized agencies have the expertise in place to comply with the last industry best practices and foster strong, positive relationships with ISPs to maximize your email deliverability rates. They have tools in place to gather more accurate insights on delivery metrics, test for spam, and reduce the likelihood of error-bound messages being mistakenly sent.

6. Minimizes Risk

In an increasingly competitive business landscape of the present, one can ill-afford to take unnecessary risks, least a competitor takes advantage of your set back and pushes you out of the market. Outsourcing non-core processes help you better minimize your business risks.

Should one outsourcing partner fail to deliver as expected, you can simply switch to a new one. However, if an in-house team fails to perform as expected, it is not as easy to simply replace them all on a whim. As noted earlier, with outsourcing, your initial investment in both time and cost is much smaller, and hence, the risk of failure much easier to manage.

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