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5 Email Types That Should Never Be Automated

5 Email Types That Should Never Be Automated

October 20, 2020

5 email types that should never be automated

Email automation is all in vogue these days, with the majority of businesses have embraced it as a core tenet of their email marketing strategy. However, it is wrong to believe that email automation could be effectively employed for all your email marketing needs. For certain situations and context, using human-led emails are still the best way to go to improve your conversion rates and your bottom line. In this article, we’ve listed the 5 email types that should never be automated.

1. Appointment Setting

Arguably, appointment setting is one of the most difficult parts of business development. Its goal is to offer a prospect a good first impression of your business and gets them interested enough to meet up with your salesperson, and ideally, close a deal.

Given its critical importance to customer acquisition, appointment setting emails should always be done manually and never automated.

Just imagine if you were to receive a call from a business interested in making you their client, but on receiving the only voice you heard on the other end was that of a robot blurting out a predetermined script. Likely, your natural response would be to immediately hang up and block the number as spam.

So why expect something different from emails. Emails of this category should always have a human element to them and also ideally, encourage a response in order to stir a two-way conversation – an essential component of any successful lead nurturing. Automation is also unhelpful for these email types because they tend to be tracked. This can make some people uncomfortable in responding to it. An even worse prospect is for the automated email to not even reach them in the first place, the server blocking their access to the target recipient.

2. Customer Service Response

The surest way to lose a client’s trust is to automate your responses to their urgent queries. This is especially true in the case of a small to medium-sized business, which yet to establish their brand as a leader within their niche.

When a client is facing a problem with your service or product, they expect you to be able to address it promptly and effectively. No matter how advanced and automated an email marketing system you may employ, in such a context, it simply cannot compete with the skilled human represented when it comes to flexibility and problem resolution.

Not only that, by having your customer service responses automated, you might also be giving off an impression of your business that it doesn’t really value its clients. Feeling unappreciated, such clients are likely to leave you for your competitors.

3. Repeat Promotions

This is a type of email that quite a significant number of businesses make the mistake of automating. Successful repeat promotion requires a high degree of adjustment to tactics based on your intended audience’s characteristics and behavior. For instance, if the receiver hasn’t even clicked opened your first email, then you will need to send the same email the next day but with a changed subject line.

In such a context, setting up an automated workflow might actually be much more time-consuming rather than just simply doing it manually.

Besides, another crucial component of successful email conversion is personalization. For small to medium-sized businesses to whom every individual customer could be important for their business growth, incorporating a human element into each of the send promotion emails ensures a very high level of personalization, and by extension, better conversion success rates.

4. Webinar Invites

Automation is a ‘dumb’ system in that it functions only based on pre-defined rules and triggers, unable to understand the wider context of the situation. Thus, it can actually be more prone to error than a human marketer, sending repeat email or one of the wrong types where it shouldn’t

If a person has already responded to your webinar invite, you would want to exclude them from later emails in order to not annoy them. Setting up a reliable automated email marketing workflow that is able to address this can become unnecessarily complex. Unless you are a particularly large business managing hundreds of thousands of leads, it is much more effective (and actually cheaper) to send emails manually.

5. Lost Customer

Acquiring a new customer can cost a business five times more than retaining an existing one. Given the current business climate, an SME can ill-afford to lose any of their existing clients. But, no matter how good a service or product you might provide, the risk can only be reduced but never completely eliminated.

With that said, just because a client has dropped you, even it was for the most random or arbitrary of reasons, you still have a good chance of regaining them back with the help of a well-crafted email. Obviously, this would entail generating and sending an email uniquely personal to them, one that optimally that not only showcases values but also entices a conversation.

An automated generic email will provide them with nothing of value and, if anything, prompt them to unsubscribe from your newsletter, and thus, completely cut themselves off of what remains of the relationship.

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