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Case study on how a Virginia based Signage & Printing Company partnered with TLM and seen 3x growth in revenue within 10 months

About Client

This company is based in Hampton Roads, VA, and they sell services such as signage, printing, and other marketing services for local businesses.

Email Marketing Successful Strategy

Business Problem

  • The company was losing out customers to competition and wanted some good strategy in place to close some clients
  • They wanted this thing to happen inscale and wanted some good leads real fast. 
  • They had tried cold calling techniques, but never got any success with that, but then wanted to try out some other outreach methods. 


Our Plan

  • We pitched them our email marketing practice and how we are winning qualified leads for other industries, this was our first time for signage and printing services company
  • We had no clue how this would go, but then we used our experience and wrote some templates that resonated with local businesses.
  • Our prospecting was focused on businesses from 5-200 employee size. We were taking titles like owners, presidents, marketing heads, office manager and operations managers. 
  • We started off the campaign with 4 emails per month per prospect and we had clear CTA of booking a meeting with the client. Many showed interest and we booked meeting with all of them. 
  • Initially we faced some problem with the leads, where not all the leads were moving forward with the second level discussion, but it was nature of the business the owner was in, and he told us this. 
  • Later on, the leads started showing great interest in the second-level discussions after the proposal, and then slowly it started to make sense to the client.
  • The most important thing in this campaign was the portfolio. We soon realized that sharing the portfolio is the key factor, because people love to see how the work looks like and we started sharing the link of the portfolio in every other email. 


  • We have given them 38 leads within 6 months of engagement, and this was way above their expectations. 
  • They could close few of them for some small tasks and then few they closed for recurring tasks of marketing. 
  • They were getting conversations on the table, and which was the intent initially. After investing $800 per month on an average, they were getting around 6 to 7 qualified leads