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Case study on how a company with a comprehensive no commission platform for the Auctions Industry scaled to 10 clients in 6 months

About Client

The client is a product company based in New Mexico, specializing in the auction industry with a comprehensive product.

Qualified leads for Auction Industry Platform

Business Problem

  • The company was a startup with a strong desire for rapid growth. They had no existing clients and were actively seeking the right partner to elevate their platform to the next level.
  • Their web presence was virtually nonexistent, and they lacked the financial resources to invest in improving it. Instead, their primary focus was on acquiring clients and swiftly onboarding them.
  • With only the founders on board and no dedicated sales team or marketing collateral, they approached us with the task of building traction starting from their website.

Our Plan

  • We initially had concerns due to the limited information available, but the client provided clear guidance on prospecting and the data source for auction companies. This allowed us to train our resources accordingly.
  • Following the client's lead, we mined data from the specified source, identifying all key decision-makers within those companies. We then shared this data with the client to ensure alignment.
  • This project was anything but ordinary. The client scrutinized every aspect of our work. Undeterred, we stuck to the basics and crafted a compelling campaign using the limited information available on the website.
  • Once the campaign launched, we observed a promising initial response. We were pleased with the response rate, even when prospects indicated they were 'Not Interested.'
  • In the third week of the first month, we secured our first lead—a prospect eager to learn more about the platform. Our lead identifier promptly scheduled a meeting with the client.
  • Lead Identifiers forwarded responses from prospects with questions about the available platforms in the market and how our client's platform could benefit them. This collaborative effort thrived due to the client's responsiveness.
  • Exclusions were automated for this account. Although it was a challenging start, our team grew more comfortable with the process starting in the second month.


  • On average, we were providing approximately 4 to 6 leads per month. The first client was successfully closed by the end of the second month. As we increased the frequency of our emails, the flow of leads improved, and the client was able to close deals at a faster pace.
  • The client was highly satisfied with the lead generation and appointment setting service we were delivering through email marketing.