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Learn how a Sydney based MSP tastes success with TLM’s qualified leads in a very short span of time

About Client

Our client is an MSP based in Sydney, with operations also in Melbourne and Brisbane. Their primary focus is selling Managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Sydney Based MSP B2B Success with TLM

Business Problem

  • They are a well-established MSP serving over 300 clients across Australia. However, they had fewer clients in Sydney. Despite trying multiple vendors, they did not achieve favorable results.
  • Additionally, the business experienced slower growth after the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting them to seek a fresh strategy that would help them establish a strong sales pipeline.
  • Their sales team was facing a shortage of leads to work on, and they were actively searching for a lead generation agency to address this issue.

Our Plan

  • We initiated the process of prospecting businesses with 20-100 employees, as it was their target market. We allocated a dedicated resource to focus on key positions such as Founders, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, Directors of IT, and IT Managers.
  • Following the prospecting phase, we proceeded with designing email templates that highlighted the client's work and services.
  • We established a cadence of four emails, with one sent per week, gradually increasing the frequency each day to warm up the sender and the IP address used for sending the emails.
  • After the campaign, we dedicated our attention to the responses received, leveraging the expertise of our lead identification team.
  • We were also mindful of exclusions to ensure that we did not inconvenience any company with our email campaigns. Each email included an unsubscribe link, providing recipients with the option to opt out of further communication.
  • After scheduling each lead on the calendar, we sent an optional form that contained targeted questions. This allowed us to gather the necessary information, which we then provided to the team to facilitate productive discussions.


  • In the first month, we generated approximately four leads, resulting in the closure of one business deal within that same month.
  • Starting from the second month, they began receiving an average of six leads per month on their calendar, much to the surprise of their sales team.
  • After three months of engagement, the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) they generated amounted to approximately $3600 per month. This meant that the revenue generated from The Lead Market (TLM) leads covered the cost of the service for an entire year in just three months.
  • They expressed their desire to expand this program and extend it to the Melbourne and Brisbane markets as well.