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A case study of how a US-based software development company grew their sales pipeline using our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services

About Client

The client is a software development company based out of Dallas, Texas. They have expertise in developing websites, applications and mobile apps.

B2B Lead Generation Sales Soars for Dalllas Based Software Firm

Business Problem

  • The client had success serving local companies in Texas and was looking to expand their business. They needed to bring in new, quality leads. 
  • They had used a couple lead generation agencies before, but they were not satisfied with the leads. The agencies also did not communicate their strategy or progress. 
  • They wanted the prospect list as well in order to upload it to their CRM for newsletters and events, but the agencies never shared lists with them.
  • They were also looking for someone who could create campaigns independently and not depend on them for any email scripts.

Our Plan

  • We had a few clients in the Dallas area and therefore already knew about the market. This client had heard about our services and invited us to have a conversation and eventually start the program for them.
  • Generally, this industry is quite competitive. In order to gain some traction, companies need to stand out in their approach to prospects.
  • We assigned one team member to contact discovery and an additional resource to campaign designing. We were dependent on campaigning for the performance of our email marketing program. 
  • For prospecting, we focused on companies from different industries such as automotive, food, retail, and financial services. 
  • The campaign was designed with a rich text theme in mind. We also included infographics in a few touchpoints as well to help explain the client’s services. 
  • We used a mix of four or five touchpoints in a given month. This helped us effectively manage the campaigns and other processes. 
  • Our lead identifier was ready to answer general questions, but we made sure that if prospects had more technical inquiries, we’d introduce them to the client to continue the conversation.


  • We started slow with one or two leads per month for the first six months.
  • Once our infographic touchpoints started running, we saw positive growth in the number of leads. We knew that campaigning was going to address most of our problems in finding the right prospects.
  • The client could communicate with more contacts and choose which ones to pick for invoicing. This allowed them to better manage their sales budget while also reaching their target audience. 
  • We shared the master file with them from day one as we do for all our clients. This also allowed them to run webinar campaigns as well once in a while. 
  • Campaigns were designed by our team to specifically address their pain points. 
  • We are now actively scheduling between three and four appointments per month for this client.