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Learn how a Canada-based SaaS company utilized TLM to promote their newly built platform and fill their pipeline with qualified leads

About Client

The client owns and manages a cash flow management SaaS platform for direct and alternative lenders in Canada and the U.S.

Canada based SaaS Company Success with B2B Qualified Leads

Business Problem

  • They were new to the cash flow industry and wanted to partner with someone who could aggressively market their product to this audience and also commit to deliver a specified number of leads. 
  • As a new company, they had a small budget for sales activities. They wanted someone to bring the leads to them so that their sales reps could focus more on closing deals. 
  • Finding direct lenders wasn’t easy. They wanted someone to spend more time reading websites and finding the right prospects. They were very specific in how they defined the target audience. They also wanted someone more experienced in market research to ensure an efficient sales pipeline.

Our Plan

  • When we met the CEO of the company, it was evident that data was going to play a key role in our work, and we could not make mistakes in pulling and working from data. Knowing this, we assigned an experienced team member for contact discovery. 
  • After a couple calls with the client, we trained the team member and put together a sample contact discovery presentation. The client requested a couple revisions, and we finalized the titles for our direct lender prospects (i.e., CRO, senior credit officer, head of risk, and CTO).
  • The next step was to design the campaign. We decided to employ a three-touchpoint campaign focusing more on infographics. This enabled us to creatively showcase key metrics and features of the SaaS platform to end users. 
  • We decided to keep a 10-day cooling period between two emails within the campaign. 
  • Our lead identifier was instructed to schedule interested leads through Calendly and introduce other leads who had technical questions to the CEO and their team. 
  • We excluded prospects who were not interested in the SaaS platform but kept others on our list. We did not remove a company entirely until there was a genuine request for more information or a meeting. 
  • We used this tactic due to the special nature of the campaign and the restricted number of prospects in the market.


  • We started receiving appointment requests almost right away. We were able to schedule four or five demos for the client's team in the first month. 
  • During the first four months of the campaign, we delivered around 15-20 leads. The client was able to close a couple of them.
  • They were happy with the pricing and the value they were getting for the amount of prospects we were able to deliver.
  • We performed quality data research to find prospects. The client was also happy to have a good list of contacts which they could use in their newsletter distribution. 
  • They asked us to do market research on some other data points as well, which we were happy to deliver.