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An MSP Designed to Cater to Specialized Industries, such as Healthcare, Boosted its Revenue by 5 times within One Year of Engagement with TLM

About Client

This client, located in Central Florida, specializes in providing IT support to healthcare companies. With a team of over 20 technicians, they are actively seeking to expand their business within their local territory.

Power of TLM Email Marketing and Impact on MSPs

Business Problem

  • The primary business challenge was to initiate meaningful conversations to address the gap left by the departure of some major clients. The company was in a state of urgency, actively seeking a partner to assist in sparking these essential discussions.
  • In Central Florida, where competition among Managed Service Providers (MSPs) was intense, our client faced tough rivals. They recognized the need to improve their web presence and overall awareness within the region.
  • Furthermore, retaining their team of technicians was crucial, as job insecurity due to the decline in clients had raised concerns among them.
  • These multifaceted challenges required a strategic approach to enhance their market position and ensure the stability of their workforce.

Our Plan

  • We deployed two dedicated resources for prospecting and screening companies entering our database. Once we grasped their specific needs, we initiated our prospecting process, concentrating initially on healthcare companies. We meticulously collected pertinent information about potential leads, including Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents.
  • Simultaneously, our content team embarked on crafting tailored campaigns, focusing on our Managed IT services suite offerings. Unlike other vendors, we deliberately avoided discussing compliance upfront. Instead, we personalized our campaigns, highlighting our clients' achievements in recent years when working with healthcare companies. We also emphasized the importance of reference checks to build trust with prospective clients.
  • Following the campaigns, we designated an individual to monitor our inbox and promptly respond to incoming emails. This person received specialized training to handle responses tailored to MSPs catering to specialized industries. While our system effectively managed exclusions, our lead identifier also carefully reviewed the inbox to ensure we didn't send emails to those who had requested unsubscribing.
  • Depending on the nature of the responses, we either scheduled calls directly on our calendar or redirected inquiries that involved technical questions to the appropriate experts. This streamlined process significantly boosted the quality of leads available to our sales team.


  • During the fifth month of their engagement with TLM, they successfully secured their first client, signing a contract for full outsourced IT services. 
  • On average, they were generating 2-3 leads per month, although there were some months with no leads at all.
  • An impressive 85% of these leads progressed to the proposal stage, a result that brought considerable satisfaction. In their first year, they managed to close deals with three clients - two smaller contracts and one mid-sized deal. These successful closures effectively filled the void left in their customer base.
  • Their perspective on email marketing underwent a complete transformation. They decided to discontinue their cold calling programs and instead focused on their partnership with TLM for their marketing efforts.