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Learn how a Melbourne-based media technology company ramped up sales and revenue with the help of TLM’s B2B lead generation and appointment setting program

About Client

The client is a media tech company that produces and markets sporting widgets for the broadcast and online media industry in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, and Singapore.

Media Tech Firm Thrives with B2B Qualified Leads

Business Problem

  • Although they had an amazing team of sales and marketing professionals, they weren’t happy with the number of leads they were generating. They were looking to ramp up their revenue by engaging a lead generation partner.
  • The client was buying prospect lists from data sellers, but most of the data was old and stale. They were receiving a number of bounces as well, which they wanted to avoid. They were also looking for a partner to take care of data management. 
  • Their campaign was focused on encouraging prospects to visit their website, but they logged only a few monthly visitors from the campaign. They wanted to implement a persistent campaign to generate more website visits with a lower bounce rate. 

Our Plan

  • We met with the team and understood that they were looking for more experienced people to handle their account. We discussed their requirements and started planning out resources for them. 
  • We planned for one team member to tackle contact discovery and assigned one additional dedicated resource for campaigning. A shared pool of team members handled exclusions and data management. 
  • We targeted companies from the broadcast and online media industries. We narrowed our prospects to senior leaders at these companies, including digital marketing officers, heads of digital media, and heads of brand. 
  • As the client was selling sports widgets, we used a rich text campaign that consisted of five touchpoints.
  • The campaign focused more on the client’s expertise and current work they had done in the industry. We also included personalized widgets in the creative to showcase the client’s branding expertise.
  • Our campaigner worked on multiple campaigns across different time zones as our data and lists included contacts from multiple countries. 
  • Our lead identifier read all responses and scheduled the ones who were interested in learning more. Prospects who had more technical questions were introduced to the client directly.


  • We generated a couple leads in the initial months after running into some resistance from the brand heads at the companies we were targeting. 
  • Once we progressed with campaigning, we included more templates and infographics in the campaign to give prospects a more visual idea about deliverables. 
  • We soon doubled our lead conversion rate and delivered between five and six leads per month beginning in month four of our partnership. 
  • The client gave us the data they had purchased, which we cleansed and added into our lists as well to make use of it. 
  • Due to our persistence, the client’s website received more direct visitors and enjoyed a lower bounce rate. The widget content we created was informative and engaging, which led to more quality prospects and visitors interested in their service.