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A Southern California Staffing Agency Increased Revenue by 30x for Light Industrial Staffing Services

About Client

The company is a staffing agency based in Southern California that specializes in light industrial positions.

Light Industrial Staffing Services

Business Problem

  • The company was relying on in-house marketing and referrals because they believed outsourcing lead generation would be too expensive. They had evaluated some lead generation companies, but found their services to be costly. 
  • The recruiters were having difficulty finding candidates due to the limited number of open positions, and the company needed a scalable solution. 
  • Additionally, the company had no budget for a full-time salesperson to handle sales activities.

Our Plan

  • Given the focus on light industrial staffing services, we developed a specific prospecting strategy, targeting industries that might require these workers. We reached out to prospects with titles such as Operations, Office Manager, and HR to learn about their staffing needs. 
  • Campaigns were designed around the light industrial theme, and we emphasized the need for background checks in our messaging. Since these leads required immediate attention, we asked clients to contact them promptly after our initial call. Coordination was key to the success of this engagement.
  • We assigned a team of two data miners to the project, with a shared pool of resources for campaigning, lead identification, and exclusions. 
  • We crafted unique subject lines for our emails that focused on the context of each message, and sometimes, even generic subject lines worked well.


  • During the first month of the engagement, we generated six qualified leads, resulting in work orders from two customers and a pipeline of potential leads. 
  • Additionally, the company experienced a sharp increase in website visitors. Our outbound campaign was more successful in attracting visitors than their in-house marketing team.
  • As of 2022, we have generated close to 76 appointments, and the company is working with many of these leads. The recruiters are happy with the flow of clients and the variety of positions coming in.