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Case Studies

Learn how a furniture company based in Dallas, TX boosted their web traffic and sales revenue with TLM’s email marketing program.

About Client

Based in Dallas, TX, the company manufactures and supplies quality office furniture to businesses across the United States.

Dallas Furniture Company

Business Problem

  • The company’s primary concern was a lack of public awareness as their presence outside of Dallas was limited. They needed to get in front of more consumers.
  • Inventory was increasing faster than sales, which was creating a big problem. Additionally, virtually every new sale occurred through referrals or existing customers, and the company wanted a new customer base. 
  • They started a digital marketing practice, but that takes time to build a reputation organically. They also started a Google Ads campaign, which was successful but quite costly. Ultimately, they were looking for a modest pricing model that would lead to good traction on their website. 

Our Plan

  • TLM was already engaged in a lead generation and appointment setting program for a sister brand of the furniture company in the software development and managed IT services space. When they discussed the problem with our team, we proposed a special outbound campaign with two touchpoints. 
  • The campaign was designed in such a way that it would make prospects visit the company’s website and check out their furniture catalog. 
  • We started by assigning three team members to contact discovery, campaigning, and exclusions. Our objective with the campaign was to increase traction. 
  • Our reach and traction grew day-by-day as we engaged more prospects. We did not utilize a lead identification executive as our primary objective was only to increase  website traffic and support the company’s digital marketing through outbound marketing efforts.
  • Initially, this campaign started as an HTML and text-themed campaign with a single touchpoint. An additional touchpoint was later added to drive additional traction.


  • We saw results right from the start of the campaign. Initially, we focused on Texas, which resulted in multiple orders and onsite appointments. 
  • We spoke with the CEO at the end of 90 days, and he was very pleased with the results. He also referred us to a friend’s furniture company in another state to help support their sales efforts as well.
  • We are now working with both these furniture companies with one thing in mind: increasing website traffic. 
  • Compared to direct mail and cold calling, this campaign saved the company money while also delivering the sales and exposure that the company was looking for.